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«The children were very nervous»: how a renovated home for orphans from Zaporozhye was opened in Lviv Oblast

January 22, 2023, 11:45 288 Author: Karina Nechytaylo lviv.media The building will have a children's office for classes with psychologists, a rehabilitation hall and several game rooms..

The children were very nervous

Today, January 20, the grand opening of the renovated sanatorium took place in the village of Zhuravno, Stryi district. Currently, orphaned children from Zaporizhzhia live there.

In 2021, the sanatorium was repurposed into the "Zhuravnensky House of Psychoneurological Supported Living". As early as March 16, 2022, orphans from the Zaporozhye orphanage "Sonechko" were evacuated here.

At first, the children lived in an abandoned building, but later, on the initiative of the institution's management and with the support of Lviv RSA, repair work began.

"The goal was not to reproduce an orphanage, because this is not the institutional form where happy people should be raised. Our goal is to create conditions for a happy childhood for children in wartime. We did everything to make them feel at home and see that they are worried about them".

Maksym Kozytskyi, head of Lviv RSA

In total, 711 000 $ were spent on the renovation of the building: 411 000 $ were allocated by the Lviv RSA from the regional budget, and another 300 000 $ were provided by Polish, German and Estonian charitable organizations.

These funds were used to rebuild a sleeping building, a dining hall, equip shower rooms, a laundry room, and repair the roof of the building. In addition, a modular boiler house was installed on the territory and a powerful generator was purchased. Also, a special office for classes with psychologists was set up for children.

School premises

School premises.

Office for classes with a psychologist

Office for classes with a psychologist.

Dining room

Dining room.

Office for classes with preschoolers

Office for classes with preschoolers.

The total area of the new building is 1,200 square meters. There they created more than 10 spacious rooms with modern furniture. They can accommodate about 80 children.

Renovated rooms

Renovated rooms

Renovated rooms

Renovated rooms.

According to the school staff, at first the children were very nervous. They reacted especially hard to air alarm signals, but over time they still became calmer.

"Now we have 84 children with special needs aged 2 to 7 and 40 employees of the institution who came from Zaporizhzhia. In total, we have 117 employees, but even that is not enough. Soon, they plan to bring more children to us, but already of a younger age, from 0 to 2 years old, also from the Zaporizhia institution "Sonechko". There is a great shortage of educators, because there are 3-4 children per person," Olha Buyan said.

Representatives of the Lviv RSA and all philanthropists who participated in the renovation of the Zhuravne school for orphans were invited to the grand opening. They honored the fallen Heroes of Ukraine with a moment of silence. The head of LRSA, Maksym Kozytskyi, thanked the managers of the institution and representatives of charitable organizations.

Honoring the dead

Honoring the dead.

Maksym Kozytskyi thanked the benefactors

Maksym Kozytskyi thanked the benefactors.

Benefactors and representatives of LRSA

Benefactors and representatives of LRSA.

Eventually, they want to restore the operation of the abandoned pool in the rebuilt complex. Also, on the basis of the school, a rehabilitation center can be made, where children with special abilities will be able to receive health services.

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