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Evacuation - escape from bullets

June 27, 2022, 20:25 329 Author: Olga Vovk deti.zp.ua Our foundation has not been able to stay away from this painful issue. For more than ten years, we have been saving our wards not in order to stand aside at the most terrible and difficult moment. That is why the fund has another line of activity.

Evacuation - escape from bullets and the sound of explosions. The war made adjustments in the life of every Ukrainian. Our wards are in a particularly difficult situation in the temporarily occupied territories where children with disabilities are brought up.

Families in the occupation were left without vital medicines and specialized food. Local authorities now do not have the opportunity to make purchases, and purely physical drugs are mostly not available in pharmacies. Most homes no longer have electricity, water or gas. People adapt and survive as best they can. There is also a daily risk of shells hitting the apartment. Families call this situation "under the double sight of death".

Evacuation of families raising children with disabilities is an expensive and in each case a unique process which consists mostly of two stages and many important points.

The first stage:

- Communication that is complicated by unstable mobile and Internet connections. Every time parents hesitate to the last, because you never know how long the evacuation process will take and how it will take place.

- Search for reliable drivers with appropriate transport, or additional equipment of the car. Waiting for permits and selection of the optimal time for crossing checkpoints.

- Purchase of medicines and specialized food for the trip, smart devices, additional oxygen.

- Search and payment for temporary accommodation on the way to evacuation both in the temporarily occupied and in the free territory of Ukraine.

- Search for the final destination, according to the analysis of the needs of the sick child: country, housing, medical care, medicine.

The second stage evacuation from the free territory to abroad. During this period, we can already involve friendly partner organizations, such as Fight for Right, which specializing in evacuation from the controlled territory of Ukraine abroad.

During the 4 months of the war, 17 families were evacuated, where children with disabilities are brought up. Some were partially picked up by several points, and some were implemented in full. In order for us to continue to help our wards to be safe, we need funds for this right now! Unfortunately, it is impossible to calculate in advance exactly how much we will need for this or that evacuation.

We are currently preparing two evacuations at the same time. The first family from Mariupol, we urgently need to find and pay for their housing in Zaporozhye, organize a medical examination. In this family, a severe daughter is sick with cystic fibrosis and a grandmother is sick with oncology, recently after an operation to relieve fatigue. The second evacuation of a woman with hearing impairments, in which the scammers destroyed the documents. She is in the zone of active hostilities in Orekhovo, we previously found housing for her in a conditionally safe place.

We need your support more than ever! Please help save our families from the "double sight of death".

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