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September 8, 2021, 12:01 56 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua Such an unusual dream - to walk!

Alina Shcherbak

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Alina Shcherbak

Alinka is a welcome and only child in the family. Pregnancy was easy, but childbirth dashed hopes for a carefree future. The child was squeezed out during childbirth, vacuum extraction and the use of forceps were used, which did not give results. Next is an emergency caesarean section. As a result - the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, disability, but with a medical "amendment": "the child is very promising." Letting go of all the grievances and questions "for what?", Alinka's family made a decision: to put the child on his feet in the truest sense of the word.

For nine years of treatment and training, Alinka has excellent results! From the IV level (according to the classification of the level of motor disorders in children with cerebral palsy GMFCS) I moved to the II level! This summer, the girl has already moved with the help of a walker. And in the fall I moved to the 3rd grade of a comprehensive school. For her, inclusive education has been organized, where she studies with her peers in a common class, knows how to read and write. In the classroom, she is helped by her personal assistant - her mother. Alinka has many friends at school, they talk at recess, draw together, play various board games.

Alina Shcherbak

The child regularly undergoes rehabilitation in various centers of the country: Kozyavkin International Clinic, micropolarization in the Yatsenko center, Kiev, Kharkov Institute of Prosthetics, Ioannov Center RC, swimming, hippotherapy, sensory integration. In addition, since birth and almost every day, she has been working with a speech therapist and a rehabilitation therapist according to the Bobat method.

Parents have always paid for all rehabilitation services on their own. And now, when all family funds are aimed at continuing rehabilitation, help is needed to purchase orthoses, which will make this rehabilitation more complete and help to consolidate and improve the already existing result.

We ask all those who are not indifferent to help Alinka, who has a great chance to become like everyone else.

The cost of orthoses is 520 dollars.

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