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Oleksiy Velky, born in 2015 - Cerebral palsy

January 28, 2022, 21:01 1291 Author: Natalia Moroz From birth, the child suffers from spasticity and epileptic seizures. And mother Olga believes that regular rehabilitation courses will help improve Alyosha's physical condition.

Oleksiy Velky

Oleksiy Velky, born in 18.06.2015

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, spastic double hemiplegia, epilepsy.

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Oleksiy Velky

Alyosha is a smiling and cheerful boy. He loves to play with children and to occasionally get messed up. In the house where Alyosha lives, there are often guests — mother's and his friends. And it happens the other way around: they go to visit friends. Together they read books, watch cartoons, and play educational games. Olga, Alyosha's mother, tries not to isolate her son from the outside world and, whenever possible, takes him "to people": to playgrounds, various events, and just to take a walk where it's noisy. The boy is especially glad at every meeting with the sea, because it is so affectionate and gentle; it makes Alyosha's arms and legs so light and even obedient! Seeing the happy eyes of her son, Olga is ready to carry him in her arms until Alyoshka grows up and walks on his own. She believes it so much!

Alyosha has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, psychomotor retardation. When she manages to find funds, Olga takes her boy to rehabilitation centers. In addition, a social worker comes to Alyosha twice a week. Between rehabilitations, Olga helps her son diligently do his homework, which is given in the centers. In general, that’s the usual life of "special" families, where there is only a mother and the best child. And also the world that can either support or not understand and condemn them.

Oleksiy Velky

In 2021, Alyosha went to rehabilitation at the Ioannov Center, Dnipropetrovsk region. Here the child was for the first time and received a new set of exercises, different from those given in other centers. There are few significant results, and rehabilitation needs to be continued. So far, Alyosha is only being picked up the keys for to enable the potential of a small organism to be revealed. But the main thing is that classes bring joy to the boy himself! Olga sees how her son perks up before something new and unknown. The practical side for a single mother is also important: there is an opportunity to save money by living at the center.

Maybe we will be the world that will support Alyosha and his mother Olga? The cost of one-year courses, which begin in March 2022, is 1450 USD

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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