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152 500 dollars for Zaporizhzhya children

October 22, 2021, 15:21 658 Author: Albert Pavlov For this amount, donors have supported the projects of the Happy Child Foundation over the past six months. Read more in our report.

We are sincerely grateful for the trust and support of dozens of donors from various countries who help us save children's lives, fight serious illnesses, rehabilitate children with disabilities and bring joy to the family of orphans!

For the period from April to September 2021, you supported the fund's projects in the amount of 152 500 dollars, that is, on average, more than 26 700 dollars per month.

For the three summer months, the total cost of assistance patients with cystic fibrosis amounted to 27 070 dollars. Thanks to the help of our amazing donors, we were able to help 86 wards! Specialized medical equipment was purchased, sputum and blood tests, computed tomography and ultrasound were paid for, specialized food was purchased, antibiotics and other drugs were purchased for patients who are in inpatient treatment.

152 500 dollars for Zaporizhzhya children

152 500 dollars for Zaporizhzhya children

For Kiryusha Leskova the entire required amount was collected. For a long time, Cyril has lived with an almost open brain. Now a plate is being made to replace the missing part of the skull. For its purchase, 1 375 dollars were collected.

152 500 dollars for Zaporizhzhya children

Victoria Ivaschenko, who has type 1 diabetes mellitus, purchased consumable components for servicing an insulin pump in the amount of 1 790 dollars. Thanks to this, the baby was able to start learning and go to grade 1. Even from a distance, mom will be able to control her blood sugar, and the pump will automatically deliver her life-saving medication.

We are also waging a desperate struggle for the lives of two of our patients who require organ transplants. Violetta Yurchenko and Maxim Anokhin waiting for a life-saving transplant. Over the summer, Viola has already been in the intensive care unit three times, and Maksimushka twice. More than 1 145 dollars was rendered assistance to the children.

152 500 dollars for Zaporizhzhya children

136 thousand hryvnia, donated by you for children with cerebral palsy, helped 9 wards. Thanks to your support, they were able to visit rehabilitation centers and get closer to their goals - to become a little stronger, learn to walk or talk.

А Lera Skoda, Timofey Lopushnyak and Likholet Alice gained the ability to hear the surrounding sounds. For the purchase of hearing aids and for the repair of the speech processor, the fund raised more than 5 720 dollars.

Within the framework of the Program of Assistance to Cancer Patients, the foundation was able to support 10 children for a total amount of about 6 870 dollars (including 4 790 dollars collected at UBB for treatment Gudko Mikhail in Greece). Medicines for chemotherapy have been purchased and CT or MRI examinations have been paid for. Also for Department of Hematology ZOKDB purchased 50 packs of Vincristine and 1000 catheters for the administration of chemotherapy drugs for a total of 955 dollars.

In July, the fund agreed with Cargill on two deliveries at once: specialized food for patients with cystic fibrosis for 9 500 dollars and the supply of Silpo certificates for 6 790 dollars for foster families, large families, low-income families, families with children with disabilities. We have already received specialized meals and are sending them all over Ukraine so that children with CF can gain weight and strengthen their immunity to autumn-winter exacerbations. Preliminary 50-60 critically low body weight patients will be able to receive nutrition for 3-6 months.

In the summer, we resumed the tourist program "Tangle", thanks to which 5 children from large low-income families were able to visit Ivano-Frankivsk and the Carpathians and conquer Hoverlу. We've also updated our camping equipment and we plan to organize more activities next season.

152 500 dollars for Zaporizhzhya children

In Children's eco-village we installed a playground, purchased sand, continued construction of the Moomin House and performed vision and dental treatments for several children. In the near future, in addition to the continuation of construction, there is a fundraising for an adaptive educational program for former orphans.

152 500 dollars for Zaporizhzhya children

We continued the implementation of the Media Passport project and the creation of photo and video questionnaires for orphans Zaporozhye region. We are sure that this will help some of them find loving foster parents.

Friends, you can find a more detailed report on all receipts and expenses at this page. We are confident that we can solve the most ambitious tasks of saving, treating and developing children together!

Your constant help, which can be arranged with the help of donation subscriptions, will help us to help more systematically and plan our work.

You can provide assistance as a volunteer in the Children's Eco-Village project, and our Magic chest I am ready to accept humanitarian aid from you in the form of clothes, toys, equipment for low-income families.

We will be glad to answer your questions and wishes, write to us

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