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Misha Hudko, born in 2015 - Pineal tumor

February 11, 2021, 21:41 127 Author: Yana Lobanok Before the complete loss of speech, Misha managed to tell his mother that he was strong and would definitely recover!

Misha Hudko

Misha Hudko, born in 31.08.2015

Diagnosis: Pineal tumor, mature teratoma.

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Misha has become a real puzzle for doctors. The riddles of his body were solved in hospitals in Zaporozhye, Dnieper, Kiev and Uzhgorod. True, in half of the clinics they more often shrugged their shoulders and made mistakes. But in the rest, Misha was saved. Now the turn to save the boy has reached Istanbul.

The first signs of the disease appeared in the summer of 2020 - for no apparent reason, Misha started vomiting. After a series of examinations, a volumetric formation in the brain was found, complicated by hydrocephalus. Two days later, convulsions began.

Misha Hudko

Misha's illness is a difficult case. And our medicine could not cope with it. It is possible to describe for a long time all the trials that our five-year-old hero and his parents went through. In Kiev, they were afraid to operate, and carried out chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which did not give results. The child fell into a waking coma. In Uzhgorod, the tumor was successfully removed and in a stable and serious condition was sent to the Zaporozhye hospital. A few months later, trains were planned to the rehabilitation center, but Misha's condition deteriorated sharply. And while he was melting with a temperature of under 40 before our eyes, the Zaporozhye doctors could not find the reason. The doctors in the Dnieper managed to stabilize Misha's condition.

Misha Hudko

Now Misha is in Turkey. The very first MRI revealed metastases in the spine, which no one noticed at home. A new treatment and rehabilitation plan has been drawn up. The first block of chemotherapy was completed, there are seven more to come. And long-term restoration of all body functions. In just a month in Istanbul, Misha showed the first improvements! He began to smile more often, move his fingers and hold his head on his own for thirty seconds. But the cost of treatment for the next six months is an incredible 60,000 euros.

In just over six months, Misha's family lived a whole life. A life full of pain and despair. Today, the feeling of hopelessness has been replaced by hope. We hope for the professionalism of doctors, for a miracle, for our support. Help Misha continue his treatment, and then he will have a chance to recover!

We are opening a collection for 200 000 UAH

March 12 on the platform project started "Promised mom to get well!". Therefore, you can also help the boy on the website of our partners.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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