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David and Nikita Burlai

August 17, 2020, 18:00 509 Author: Natalia Moroz What if there are two seriously ill children in the family? And if you are a single mother and there is no one to hope for? “Do not lose heart, believe and work! No holidays and weekends! Only forward!" - Angela Burlai is sure.

David and Nikita Burlai

David and Nikita Burlai, born on September 26, 2013

reference: David, Nikita.

Invoice: David, Nikita.

David and Nikita Burlai

Nikita and David are two winners! They themselves began to breathe - victory! They themselves began to eat with a spoon - another victory! The first turn, the first word, the first rhyme ... Many victories already for two! But the main thing is ahead - the first steps, the first dance. And I really want all this to come true. And it is very difficult for a single mom to cope with them. All funds go to rehabilitation, you have to limit your desires, but this friendly family has a goal - to defeat the terrible diagnosis! They work hard, do not give up and will definitely win!

The boys decided to be born much earlier than the due date, at 6.5 months. The first one is Nikita with a weight of 800g. The second - Davidka - 1100gr. Both did not breathe and they were taken to the intensive care unit only a week later. thought they would not survive. But these boys are fighters! And only after 1.5 months of artificial lung ventilation did they breathe themselves. It was very difficult, especially when my mother found out that her children had cerebral palsy. There was no time for emotions, and the decision came quickly - by all means to raise their children. Up to a year old, the kids were treated in Zaporozhye, they visited all the leading neurologists in our region. Then they connected the rehabilitation centers of Ukraine: "Khadzhibey", "Future", "Fizruk" in the Odessa region .., "Tomatis - Ukraine" and "Sprout of life" in Kharkov. Center "Tomatis Ukraine" in the priority of visits to David and Nikita. The results are pleasing to everyone. And this can be seen in the smiles of the boys. The local experts have long made friends with the Burlai family. Their principle of work is an individual approach and no indulgences, and the results are not long in coming. The hardest part of the recovery process is that the work must be uninterrupted, and no weekend or holidays should cause a stop.

David and Nikita Burlai

In December 2019, Nikita was operated on using the Ulzibat method. This accelerated the formation of Nikita on his feet, and today he is uncertain, staggering, but walks on his own! This was a huge victory for Angela Burlai and her boys, because she so wanted Nikita to go to first grade in 2020! Davidka himself is not doing anything yet, but quickly crawls after his brother and has learned a few simple words. Doctors and rehabilitologists say that he is also promising, looks at his brother and repeats after him.

At the end of 2019, the only helper and support - the boys' grandmother - was gone. Now the small Burlai family counts only on themselves, but continues to hope for the support of those who understand how difficult it is to overcome difficulties alone.

David and Nikita Burlai

In October 2020, the boys again need to undergo another rehabilitation at the Tomatis Center in Kharkiv, with a total cost of 2100 dollars. It's hard for a mother to pay two bills, and this rehabilitation gives positive results in the mental and physical development of children! And Nikita's first grade is just around the corner!

David and Nikita are strong and very persistent boys, but today they need our material support!

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