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Newborn's pathology department of Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital

January 15, 2010, 10:00 5464 Author: Inna Grigorjeva, translated by Marina Alekseenko www.deti.zp.ua The newborn's pathology department specializes in the treatment of the neonatal pathologies: prematurity, the pathologies of prenatal development, birth asphyxia, infections, jaundice

The head of the newborn's pathology department Natalya Sergeevna Scherbina

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General information

Newborn's pathology department of Zaporizhzhya Regional Children's Hospital exists since 1975. The department is situated on the fourth floor of the old building and holds 30 persons.

Among other newborn's departments in different children’s hospital and maternity hospitals of Zaporozhskaya oblast it is the only department that is specialized in the treatment of all types of pathologies of the youngest inhabitants of Zaporozhskaya oblast: prematurity, the pathologies of prenatal development, birth asphyxia, infections, jaundice.

For more than 30 years of the department history it gained a friendly work collective of medical attendants who adore their job with its traditions and permanent improvement of professional skills.

New couveuses, devices for development care were presented to the department by the fund “Ukraina -3000”

And this is an old couveuse that is waiting for replacement for newer one

New modern couveuse is quite expensive device; however it saves the life of premature child


In November 2008 the Fund "Happy Child" purchased the necessary medical facilities and office equipment, however, there is still a vitally important need in:

- couveuse for care of newborn's with very low body weight (in spite of sponsor’s donations, the department is badly in need of couveuses (6-10 pcs). Because of the few number of new modern couveuses the department uses old distressed out of date models of devises that cannot support quite effective care of premature babies;

- light therapy lamps (for treatment of jaundice);

- air conditioner;

- spray pumps for dosage of intravenously medicines;

- children’s clothes and linen for poor families;

(Note: please contact the fund’s workers before donating at:

+3 8 (061) 701-32-86, 8-093-93-39-788);


Lenin Avenue 70




Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital

4th floor, old building

Tel.: +3 8 061 764 15 04, Natalya Sergeevna Scherbina, the head of the department


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