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Reanimation department of Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital

November 3, 2008, 10:00 14153 Author: Inna Grigorjeva, translated by Alexandra Baglai www.deti.zp.ua Doctors of the reanimation department save children in a critical state from the whole region

The head of the reanimation department Chalov Andrey

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Intensive care and reanimation department belongs to the Zaporizhzhya Regional Children's Hospital (ZRCH) for 30 years. For a long time it was the single reanimation department for children in Zaporizhzhya region. The department is soundly proud of its last and present specialists, experts in reanimation and anaesthetists.

As for now there are 12 beds (4 for newborns) in the reanimation department. Certainly it cannot be enough for our region, so there is a need to divide this department to intensive care department for newborns till 28 weeks (9-12 beds) and resuscitation department for children from 28 week till 18 years.

Patients of various hospital departments and operating rooms of RZCH are treated here. Children, which were seriously harmed for example in the accidents, are also delivered here from all regional hospitals. Special regular patients are premature newborns with critical weight till 1 pound. They are placed into the special cuvees for 1-2 months till their ograns can functionate without assistance and the weight run up to normal.

There is amount of non-solved problems with conditions in the old part of the hospital. Staffrooms are ill-equipped – wardrobes are placed in the corridors, apartments for rest and lunches are equipped by home-furniture of medical-staff. Employee turnover is one another sore point.

But even these serious problems cannot be compared with an outstanding problem of a steady lack of medical facilities. Resuscitation department is an advanced technology field, because it is founded on permanent organ functions replacement. Reanimation department needs expensive science intensive equipment that for its turn needs special consumables, service and repair. Efficiency of the treatment in Reanimation department mostly depends on above-listed points. Today we have an increase of amount of premature newborns that require constant respiratory therapy, which is released by medical ventilation reanimation apparatuses (respirators). We have 4 of them in the RZCH, but we are still in need of 8 ones. Every respirator costs 39 000 $!!! It is a fabulous sum for the hospital, which is certainly a non-profit organization. Moreover, premature newborns, which cannot independently keep constant body temperature are in need of special double-sided cuvees. Cuvees that are now in use were produced more then 20 years ago.

Cuvees for newborns with critical low weight


Here are some of immediate needs of Reanimation department:

1. Cuveeses;

2. Hemodialyzer (an artificial kidney);

3. Respiratory system “Avea”, produced by “Bird products corporation”, USA;

4. Compressor;

5. Air-conditioners;

6. Furniture.

Respiratory system “Avea”

Government financing is not enough to satisfy these wants. So we are looking for donations from not indifferent people all over the world.


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