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January 6, 2011, 14:00 3653 Author: Irina Grigor'evna www.deti.zp.ua We’re heartily grateful to all the donors who sympathized with the pain of others and in a lightning speed managed to donate 29, 700 hryvnyas (3, 710 $) for the purchase of a new cardio monitor device for the regional children’s cardiological department!

It’s only two months, since we’ve launched the fund-raising campaign for purchasing a cardio monitor for the Regional Children’s Hospital – and now the goal has almost been reached! Thanks to your donations the necessary sum for purchasing this vitally important device – 29, 700 hryvnyas (3, 710 $) has already been collected.

One could say it was rather a cry from the heart than just a simple appeal for help. Just imagine – you cannot see any monitor in the Children’s regional cardiological department even though nearly every bed is occupied with so many little patients from the entire Zaporizhia region! (Ideally, such monitors should be installed in every ward to provide children with a full diagnosis and more effective treatment). However, nowadays in case of emergency the cardio monitor is ‘borrowed’ from the intensive care unit though this device is also critically important there.

The Ukrainian reality is that our country, the population of which outstrips many developed European countries, lacks pediatricians in hospitals. What’s more, the medical devices available aren’t worth its weight in gold, and the latest modern medical equipment is just something “beyond doctors’ wildest dreams”.

But, thank God, we’ve got you, amazing and big-hearted people who feel the pain of others as though it were your own. Thank you very much for your quick responses! Nearly 30 000 hryvnyas (3, 748$) was collected in an incredibly short period of time! Now thanks to the cardio monitor the cardiologists will be able to control the children’s health in real time: the device simultaneously shows cardiac rhythm, ventilation, respiratory rate, blood arterial pressure, as well as an electrocardiogram. And this will enable doctors to give little patients more effective treatment.

As soon as the cardio monitor payment is completed, the long-awaited device will be delivered to the Zaporizhia regional children’s cardiological department, hopefully by the end of December.

The list of warm-heated donors who took part in the fund-raising campaign in purchasing cardio monitor for the Regional Children’s Hospital:

- 838 hryvnyas (104, 70$) – share of the Recreation Center Dneprospecstal"

- 5,374 hryvnyas (671, 30$) – Shalenko S.

- 2,000 hryvnyas (249, 88 $) – the working staff of Public corporation Zaporozhkoks

- 200 hryvnyas (24, 99$) – the working staff of Limited liability Company “Bezpeka” (“Safety”)

- 2,558 hryvnyas (319, 59$)– share of the Exhibition centre “Cossack Palace”

- 790 hryvnyas (98, 70$) – share of the sports complex “Yunost” (“Youth”)

- 3,985 hryvnyas (497, 88$)– Pavel K.

- 500 hryvnyas (62, 47$)– the working staff of Limited liability Company “Dneproenergostal”

- 1,440 hryvnyas (179, 91$) – share of the sports complex “Yunost” (“Youth”)

- 1,548 hryvnyas (193, 41$) - share of the Exhibition centre “Cossack Palace”

- 1,888 hryvnyas (235, 88$)- share of the Recreation Center Dneprospecstal"

- 10, 000 hryvnyas (1, 249 $) – the working staff of the Public corporation “Dneproenergo”.

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