Old appeals of sick children, Ukraine

Voinylovich Alina, 14 years old – lymphogranulomatosis

The basic course of treatment is completed! We thank all the people who supported the girl!

July 14, 2010, 16:30 7071
Sophia Udod, four years old – cerebral spastic paralysis

Sofia has passed a course of the rehabilitation treatment in a specialized clinic.

July 8, 2010, 15:30 6300
Save a child: Gena Grin suffers from intestinal polyposis.

Gena could not have his surgery in 2010. He will hopefully undergo surgery in 2011!

March 2, 2010, 19:00 3849
Save a Child: Tsepkalova Sophia, 4 years – fourth-degree ambilateral sensorineural deafness

Sonechka suffers from fourth-degree ambilateral sensorineural deafness, but she doesn’t loose the hope to be treated some day and be able to speak. We appeal for help to raise money for cochlear implantation.

February 8, 2010, 15:15 4437
Save a Child: Sveta Prokaza, 9 years old - Ewing`s sarcoma

The main course of treatment is over. Sveta has come back to Zaporozhye. We thank all the people who helped this sunny girl!

February 3, 2010, 15:15 7208
Save a Child: Petrenko Sophia, 7 years old - acute lymphoblastic leukemia

In Medical Center of Hadassah, Israel, on November 24, 2010 Sonya died

January 27, 2010, 21:15 7791
Save a Child: Panasenko Svetlana, 16 years old – acute myeloblast leucosis

Another miracle has happened! The transplantation for Svetlana was paid from the state budget. Many thanks to all!

January 26, 2010, 17:15 9691
Igor Komanov, 8 - thalassemia major beta

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Igor currently does not need your financial support but he really needs your prayers!

August 25, 2009, 7:00 9779
Save a child: Kornyushin Maxim – 4 years old, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation)

Maxim has a serious illness destroying his joints. The medical treatment he had undergone in Moscow hospital turned to be highly effective, but it’s too expensive for Maxim’s mother who brings him up alone. Please, support Maxim and his mother in collecti

June 25, 2009, 4:00 9984
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Polina Belogurova

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