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Stormy November in Zaporozhye during the war

November 30, 2022, 20:45 314 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua Results of the work of the "Happy Child" fund for the month - evacuation, assistance to displaced people from communities and other matters.

Results of the work of the

Well, it's time to summarize the work of the Happy Child Foundation in November.

We spent the most money on evacuating families with children and the elderly. They paid for 17 large buses to Poland, which transported 790 people. Most often, these are residents of eastern and occupied regions. We also helped 33 families with children individually with the payment of tickets across Ukraine and Europe. The geography is very diverse - from Poland to Norway and Spain.

In each case, we discuss the route individually and receive reports from families at all stages of the journey. In general, we spent about 32 400 € on the evacuation program in November.

Another no less important area is assistance to displaced persons from the occupied communities of the Zaporozhye region. In November, we concentrated on three communities - Orihivska, Rozdolska and Malotokmachanska. Most of the families from these communities now rent housing in the city of Zaporozhye and its surroundings. Many have had their houses destroyed and property lost.

We communicated with each family and transferred assistance for the purchase of warm clothes and shoes, blankets, bed linen and other basic necessities. We receive photo reports with receipts from each family. In November, it was possible to help 112 families in this way in the amount of about 15 000 €.

Other major areas include assistance to families with children with disabilities (6 800 €) and assistance neonatal intensive care unit of Zaporozhye regional children's hospital (3 400 €). In general, expenses in November amounted to 73 000 €.

We are grateful to donors from all over the world, especially Maya Rowencak Crauderueff, Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V., Future Youth and private individuals Stanislav, Mykola, Maryna, Serhiy for their support!

Currently, our task is to help families from Zaporozhye and migrants survive the winter. We want to provide sets of blankets, underwear and warm clothes, and power banks to the maximum possible number of residents who need them. Help in providing storage facilities and heating points with generators. In addition, we want to help those who decide to evacuate to safe places in Ukraine or Europe.

To solve these problems, I appeal first of all to our foreign friends, as well as to all those who currently live outside Ukraine - to concentrate as much as possible on helping Ukraine during this period. Your 50, 100, 200 euros can help a family survive the winter.

Please also help spread this information and connect local foundations.

You can help families right now -

albert@deti.zp.ua (PayPal)

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