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Bohdan Mykhailenko

February 16, 2024, 13:00 56 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua Fund collection is complete! We bought one package of medicine for Bohdan. Thank you for your help!

Bohdan Mykhailenko

Bohdan Mykhailenko, born in 07.12.2007

Diagnosis: Alopecia.

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ATTENTION! AS OF 03/27/2024: Fundraising complete! We bought one package of medicine for Bohdan. Thank you for your help!


Bohdan is an ordinary guy from Zaporizhia. He was born a healthy child and lived a typical boy's life—talking with friends and attending sports clubs. This remained the case until the war reached Ukraine. Bohdan's hair began falling out due to stress, nervous tension, and possibly hormonal changes. The boy became withdrawn and stopped communicating with his peers. Despite long-term treatment, unfortunately, the process persists, and Bohdan has now been diagnosed with alopecia in the final stage. However, the treatment is ongoing.

After two years of battling the disease, the boy's family is financially exhausted. That's why they've reached out to the foundation, requesting help to continue the therapy.

The cost of the medical drug Xeljanz is approximately 23 thousand hryvnias (610 US dollars), needed in a couple of weeks. In total, a course of treatment requires three packages.

Please, join and support Bohdan! Help him regain a sense of wholeness.

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