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Fundraising for Vitaly Yurchenko continues

November 1, 2023, 19:00 252 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua Fundraising has stopped! Funds for the purchase of a hearing aid have been collected. Thank you very much!

News Vitaly Yurchenko

Vitalik has a congenital hearing impairment; without hearing aids, he can hardly hear anything. However, this did not prevent the boy from pursuing professional sports. Vitalik holds the third adult category in swimming, and he already has two dozen medals to his name!

In the first half of December, another championship in Ukraine for swimming will be held. Since the beginning of September, Vitalik's team has been preparing for him in a training camp in Turkey. This was made possible thanks to a Turkish football club, which covered all the expenses.

Vitalik dreams of participating in the Paralympic Games. We believe that he will achieve his goal! And we can help fulfill another boy's dream — to buy new "ears." His current hearing aids are eight years old, and it's unknown how much longer they will last. The cost of new devices is 151,228 hryvnias (about $4,050 US dollars), which is a substantial amount for his family.

Together, let's help this talented boy to stay connected with the world, continue playing his favorite sport, and fully engage in his studies and communication with his peers!

Fundraising for hearing aids for Vitaly is ongoing on the dobro.ua platform. Please support our fund's project, «The champion must hear the anthem of Ukraine!».

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