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Report of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation (deti.zp.ua) for 2021

February 8, 2022, 19:21 424 Author: Albert Pavlov Briefly, about the main results of our work.

Friends, last year you helped in the amount of $342,625

Thanks to all involved! The amount is almost a million more than in 2020, but still one and a half million less than in 2016. So we have something to work on.

Thanks to you, at least 275 sick children received help. In fact, this figure is higher, these are only those children who are included in the database.

We directed 58% of our expenses to sick children and young people. The greatest assistance was provided to Olya Khorlikova (USD 10 630), who has cystic fibrosis, as well as children with cancer Oleg Grigorov (USD 6 860) and Mikhail Gudkov (USD 4 450) for treatment in Turkey.

For 5 300 dollars. a breathing apparatus was purchased for Alexei Oldenburg, this was a vital issue for the boy.

Report of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation (deti.zp.ua) for 2021

For Timofey Lopushnyak, thanks to the help from one family, they managed to purchase a speech processor for a cochlear implant for USD 3 950.

Report of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation (deti.zp.ua) for 2021

A hearing aid was purchased for Alina Bogolyubova for USD 2 450.

Report of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation (deti.zp.ua) for 2021

Kirill Leskov finally underwent an operation to close the bones of the skull, the fund's contribution amounted to USD 1 650.

And so on, according to the list in our report, almost three hundred more children received help.

We also helped children's hospitals. The Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital, including departments of oncohematology, resuscitation of newborns and others, received assistance for USD 17 170. The Phthisiopulmonology Center, better known among the people as the Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary, managed to help with USD 6 470.

The cooperation program with Cargill deserves special mention. During the year, together with Cargill, we implemented 4 large projects to help families in need with specialized nutrition and certificates in Silpo. The total amount of purchases amounted to USD 31 390. With cards in Silpo, we were able to support 67 large families, foster families, and families with children with disabilities. During the year, we "fed" 103 adults and children with cystic fibrosis, with critically low weight, with specialized nutrition. This food strengthened the exhausted organisms of our wards and helped them cope with exacerbations and hospitalizations.

In 2021, thanks to the program «Help for Patients with Cystic Fibrosis» 173 wards were supported in the amount of USD 76 250. We received and sent tests of our patients throughout Ukraine, paid for all kinds of laboratory tests and vaccinations, purchased individual medical equipment, paid for expensive antibiotics and medicines for outpatient and inpatient treatment, and provided specialized high-calorie meals.

Report of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation (deti.zp.ua) for 2021

By the New Year, thanks to the involvement of many companies, we were able to please and fulfill the wishes of about 200 children with cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, hearing and vision impairments, diabetes, oncohematological diseases, etc. The embodiment of miracles is simply necessary for our children, it gives faith and strength for further struggle and hard work.

For more than 10 years, our foundation has been fruitfully cooperating with the Maya’s Hope organization from the USA. In 2021, thanks to this assistance, support was provided to dozens of children with cerebral palsy and other developmental pathologies, medicines were purchased for seriously ill children from the Solnyshko orphanage, assistance was provided to the Gulyai-Polye boarding school and the Tavrichesky neuropsychiatric boarding school. The total amount of expenses under this program amounted to USD 63 750.

As part of the “Happy Home project” and the Children's Ecovillage in Ukrainka, we resolved many health issues for foster children (dental care, special vaccinations, etc.), and also continued to improve the ecovillage.

In November 2021, a large family with 8 children moved into Happy House-5 whose house had previously burned down and the children were at risk of being removed from the family. Assistance was provided in landscaping, purchasing food and paying for utilities, totaling about USD 1 800.

Report of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation (deti.zp.ua) for 2021

We also supported two graduates of psycho-neurological boarding schools, installed a heating system for them, bought a TV set, helped with food and utility bills in the amount of about USD 110 per month.

Report of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation (deti.zp.ua) for 2021

In 2021, we organized a trip to the Carpathians with climbing Hoverla for 22 children, of which 5 children from large families took part in the trip completely free of charge.

Report of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation (deti.zp.ua) for 2021

Also in 2021 we continued to create create video questionnaires for orphans in the Zaporozhye region. The cost of this program amounted to about USD 1 450.

We sincerely hope and make efforts to ensure that 2022 will be a year of growth in aid and its effectiveness. After all, behind the dry figures of the report is getting rid of suffering and saving the lives of our children.

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