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Antibiotics for one day of treatment cost $ 100! Help defeat the lingering aggravation!

November 17, 2021, 17:55 499 Author: Olga Vovk For more than three months Kirill Karpachev has been struggling with a severe exacerbation. Financial and emotional resources are running out, our hero is holding on to his last strength.

Kirill Karpachev

Kirill independently wrote a letter for his assistants. It is vitally important for him now to raise funds for urgent expensive treatment!

“There has been no news from our family for a long time. During this time, many events have happened.

I entered the Kiev University! In early August he settled in a student hostel. The new life made me happy with wonderful acquaintances and interesting practice before starting my studies.

Alas, the happiness did not last long. Soon, I began to have a severe exacerbation of my illness. “Cystic fibrosis” made my life unbearable: a constant fever, a suffocating cough up to 24-hour muscle pain, a drop in oxygen, persistent weakness with drowsiness. All training plans collapsed in an instant.

I made a strong-willed decision - to give up my studies and leave the institute, return to my hometown in order to start treatment and continue to prevent such exacerbations.

Kirill Karpachev

New atmosphere, new life and load - all gave a strong shake-up for the body, which, alas, he could not cope with.

Now I am back in Zaporozhye. After burning for a week, I continued my self-realization. I entered the budget for a magistracy, but already here, at home.

It has already been 3 months since the beginning of the exacerbation. I never got out of it completely. Each time it returns in an even more severe form.

Covid-19, which I had had the day before, also aggravated my condition.

Kirill Karpachev

I need good and expensive treatment, with IVs and injections. Despite all the hardships, you need to move on - study, work, dreams. But this road is built through thick thorns that can only be overcome with thorough treatment. Alas, in such a state I will not be able to continue my studies even within my own walls. And on the whole, it is not clear how much more I can live.

Unfortunately, without outside help, I cannot buy all the necessary drugs for myself. This means that I will not be able to withstand and survive. "

Kirill needs to start treatment this week! Every day his condition is only getting worse. His attending physician prescribed intensive treatment for two weeks: Meronem (6 grams) + Amicil (3 grams). The cost of one day of treatment is 100 dollars Kirill's brother is also sick with cystic fibrosis. The boys' parents are in a desperate situation and are asking for help to save their eldest son!

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