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We share news about Mishe Hudko

May 7, 2021, 17:11 694 Author: Yana Lobanok We temporarily suspend the collection, and we are waiting for the survey results in June.

Mishe Hudko

In June, there will be a year, as Misha is struggling with cancer. During chemo and radiation therapy, the boy lost speech and the ability to move. Mishina disease is a difficult case. And our medicine did not cope with him. In December last year, a new history of Misha's salvation began, now in Istanbul.

The examination in the Turkish clinic revealed metastases in the spine, as well as the urolithiasis of the kidneys. For five months, Misha passed six blocks of chemotherapy, medication of kidney, as well as a rehabilitation course to restore the lost functions of the body.

Slowly, but confidently, Misha is restored. Classes with a rehabilitologist are becoming more and more complicated every time. Finger begin to move, and the smile on the face appears more and more. For two minutes, the boy can keep his head alone!

Mishe Hudko

In mid-April, Misha passed the last, sixth, a block of "chemistry". The beginning of May is planned operation to remove stones in the kidneys, and at the end of May - a control examination. Whether the treatment has brought the expected result, it will become clear after the examination. Mischina doctors are optimistic, as they see a positive trend.

We suspend the collection, and wait for the survey results in June. We believe that the disease has gone to the remission, and Misha will soon come back home!

We listed the amount to the clinic to pay for the upcoming operation and control examination.

Thank you, friends that give Misha chance for recovery!

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