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55,000 dollars to help children: so many donations received by the Happy Child Fund in March 2021

April 21, 2021, 11:21 1301 Author: Albert Pavlov Children with cystic fibrosis and cancer patients received the greatest help.

55,000 dollars to help children: so many donations received by the Happy Child Fund in March 2021

After the winter calm in March, we had a lot of work - caring people and organizations donated a record amount to the Happy Child Foundation - 55,000 dollars We are grateful for your donation and trust! In turn, we tried to use these funds as efficiently as possible. As always, we publish a detailed report on all donations and expenditures.

Help for children with cancer

In March, we helped pay for treatment abroad for two children with cancer - Danil Sirota (1100 dollars) and Oleg Grigorov (5400 dollars), and for Department of Oncohematology ZRCH purchased 984 vials of glucose. For many other children from hematology oncology, we paid for medicines and examinations on a tomograph.

55,000 dollars to help children: so many donations received by the Happy Child Fund in March 2021

Unfortunately, in March there were some losses - he left us Bogdan Gubanov. We express our deep condolences to Bogdan's family and sincerely thank everyone who supported the guy in his fight against a brain tumor throughout the year. Unfortunately, science cannot yet completely defeat the disease, but we believe that by joint efforts more and more children will be able to cure. For dozens of other children, our support will be a lifeline on the road to recovery. The rest of the funds raised for Bogdan was transferred to the treatment of other children with cancer.

55,000 dollars to help children: so many donations received by the Happy Child Fund in March 2021

Help to Zaporizhzhya hospitals

In March, the foundation supported five newborns who were born prematurely and ended up in the intensive care unit Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital.It is especially pleasant that immediately a person was found who donated 1 075 dollars to support the kids. Today one of the babies is already breathing on its own and has been transferred to another department to complete the treatment. His mother, Evgeniya, thanks him for the timely assistance.

55,000 dollars to help children: so many donations received by the Happy Child Fund in March 2021

Within the framework of the fund project «We are hungry!», which is still ongoing on the internet platform "Ukrainian Philanthropic Exchange" parenteral nutrition was purchased for the neonatal intensive care unit of the ZRCH (aminoven, smoflipid) in the amount of UAH 1075 dollars. The total amount of assistance to the department in March amounted to more than 2330 dollars.

55,000 dollars to help children: so many donations received by the Happy Child Fund in March 2021

Also, at the beginning of 2021 Regional TB Dispensary shared wonderful news with us. Finally, their old ventilator is giving way to new equipment that is being prepared for installation.

The funds that we managed to collect for the project «Breathe, you can't die!» are aimed at solving other, no less important problems of the TB dispensary, namely: the pipeline system for oxygen, the operating room of the pulmonary surgical department, as well as the endoscopic room.

On the International Day of the Child with Cancer, we decided to make a gift to all patients of the Hematology Department. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, we gave the hospital a certificate for 720 dollars. And last week our certificate with rozetka.ua turned into Bosch washing machine and Electrolux dryer.

55,000 dollars to help children: so many donations received by the Happy Child Fund in March 2021

Two snow-white cars have become neighbors of an old Zanussi, which is about to retire. In the meantime, all three work daily in hematology. In this department, children undergo long-term treatment, sometimes more than six months. Many come here with their mothers from other cities of the Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions, and all this time they live in the hospital. For them, getting clean and dry laundry in just a few hours is a little household joy.

Help for children and adults with cystic fibrosis (CF)

Thanks to AT Cargill, we have received a large supply of specialized food for CF patients, на сумму 8795 dollars. Meals were sent to over 70 wards from all over Ukraine. We have provided special meals for children until the summer. This help will support МuViki during exacerbations and will help to survive the spring. But many still need expensive (sometimes hundreds of thousands of hryvnia) treatment.

Three children with CF were paid for expensive tests, and antibiotics for the amount of 1935 dollars were purchased for six wards. For four children, medical equipment was purchased for 375 dollars.

Throughout March, we fought tirelessly for life and health Sergey Matveichuk, who, in addition to CF, was found to have a coronavirus. Chief pulmonologists from all over Ukraine helped our guy by going to online consultations. Kind people from many parts of the world helped financially and morally. And so, we have good news - Seryozha defeated the coronavirus! Last week he was transferred from the intensive care unit to the intensive care unit. Now all efforts are aimed at recovery, there is a positive dynamic! Serezha sincerely thanks everyone who helped him with a kind word, informational and financial support.

Help for children with disabilities (cerebral palsy and other congenital diseases)

Thanks to our permanent partner from the USA, the foundation Maya’s Hope who donated 23560 dollars, in March dozens of children with disabilities received help in the form of medicines, special food and equipment, as well as boarding schools for such children.

In addition, several children with cerebral palsy and autism underwent rehabilitation courses in various centers of Ukraine.

55,000 dollars to help children: so many donations received by the Happy Child Fund in March 2021

Assistance to family-type orphanages for orphans and the Children's eco-village project

In March, two more children, boys 6 and 10 years old, found a home and family in Children's eco-village. This month we paid active attention to the health of the pupils - several children underwent serious and expensive dental treatment under general anesthesia. We also supported the social adaptation of two graduates of psycho-neurological boarding schools, improved living conditions in family-type houses, and equipped the territory.

Summing up:

Despite the good results in March, the needs of seriously ill children in Zaporozhye and children's hospitals still far exceed our capabilities. Modern medicines and treatment technologies, as well as medical equipment, can significantly increase the chances of survival and preserve the health of hundreds of children.

We are convinced that in Zaporozhye it is possible to save not 60% of children with cancer, but 80-95% as in developed countries. We believe that CF patients can live not on average for 18-20 years, as it is now, but 45-50 years, as in the USA and Canada.

We try to work as transparently as possible, and for 17 years we have been reporting on every donation. Thanks to this, it was possible to help thousands of children for a total amount equivalent to almost 5 million dollars.

We will be grateful for your constant help in the form donation subscriptions, and also for any way you can provide assistance for the benefit of children.

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