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41500 dollars were the fund's expenses in January and February 2021

March 19, 2021, 16:35 1384 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua Read more about all areas of work of the Charitable Foundation “Happy Child” in our report.

41 500 dollars were the fund's expenses in January and February 2021

The first months of the year are a difficult period for everyone, and the charitable foundation is no exception. It is more difficult for people to find opportunities for donations, utility bills increase, and a lockdown further exacerbates the situation.

But the needs of seriously ill children are not diminishing. Therefore, in January and February 2021 the Happy Child Foundation additional efforts had to be made to help the wards. We stepped up our cooperation with the media, and almost every week there were videos about sick children on local TV channels. We also used social advertising on social networks, and thanks to the help of advertising agencies, we placed several billboards and citylights in Zaporozhye for free.

As a result, we raised 46000 dollars, and the fund's expenses amounted to 41500 dollars. Just over 1000 donations were received.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who appreciates our work to create the most transparent, honest and efficient fund in the Zaporozhye region. And now - in more detail about the directions of our work.

Help for children with cancer

Fee for treatment Danil Sirota completed. The fund was able to make its own, albeit a small contribution - 950 dollars. On March 24, Danil is scheduled for an operation to install an endoprosthesis at the Center for Corrective Limb Surgery, Munich. The money for it has already been collected, it remains to raise funds for food and accommodation in Germany.

Evgeny Sechin in January, they bought Venkliksto for 700 dollars, and in February he went abroad for bone marrow transplantation. We are sincerely happy for him and hope for a successful transplant.

Children who are in the hematology department - Maryana Klimenko and Vovk Nazar, medicines were purchased for a total of 250 dollars.

We paid for MRI and CT examinations for 6 children (almost all of them) for a total of 410 dollars.

As part of the action "The dream saves" purchased about 6300 syringes for the amount of 190 dollars and purchased a drug for chemotherapy (for a month) for two children for the amount of 215 dollars.

For the repair of manipulation in hematology oncology RZCH purchased building materials in the amount of about 145 dollars.

Gave a certificate 720 dollars to the Department of Oncohematology for the Day of the Child with Cancer. Germicidal emitters and small household appliances for patients will be purchased.

Oleg Grigorov continues treatment in Turkey, 650 dollars were transferred for treatment.

Nikita Zuenko, Ewing's sarcoma in the abdominal cavity. Bought for the boy in the amount of 115 dollars - 8 fl. Of Etoposide

Denis Vecherny, leukemia recurrence. We bought the drug Neopax (110 dollars). You need to take the drug for the next two years.

Help for children and adults with cystic fibrosis

In January, we received a batch of specialized food for 7360 dollars. for children with cystic fibrosis. We continue to collect documents and send it to wards from all over Ukraine. To date, about 40 children and adults have received specialized meals from us. We agreed on the second delivery for 8840 dollars. from the Cargill company, which is due to arrive one of these days. This will make it possible to provide about 100 children with the necessary food for six months.

Assistance in the procurement of drugs for inpatient treatment was provided to 9 patients. Medical equipment was purchased for personal use for 4 wards, sputum tests for three children were paid for.

All of our wards have received oxygen concentrators for temporary use. We have three newborn wards diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. In the near future, information about babies will be posted on our website.

For the International Day of Orphan Diseases, we have prepared useful gifts for Movies. Safety beacons - branded silicone bracelets that will help patients avoid cross-infection, were sent to all regions of Ukraine. Together with the bracelets, letters with a proposal for cooperation were sent to the attending physicians.

We have revived our old tradition of drug exchange.

Nineteen families were able to receive the necessary medicines and specialized meals free of charge in exchange for drugs they no longer needed.

Help for children with serious illnesses (except for cancer and CF)

We bought medications and vaccinations, paid for examinations of 9 children (children with cerebral palsy, genetic malformations and hearing impairments) for 795 dollars.

For Violetta Kim purchased hearing aids - 1085 dollars.

Marta Shulga completed a rehabilitation course in the center Krok for Krok - 1335 dollars.

Victoria Ivashchenko purchased test strips and consumables for the correct functioning of the insulin pump for 430 dollars. Victoria's life literally depends on them.

Violetta Yurchenko Violetta Yurchenko is still in the toxicology department at Okhmatdit. Until the kidney transplant, the baby will live there and undergo daily peritoneal dialysis procedures. We purchased medicines for 830 dollars, which Viola needs for her daily intake.

Assistance to the Zaporizhzhya Regional TB Dispensary

In January, our colleagues gave us 100 rapid enzyme immunoassay tests for coronavirus. On the same day we handed them over Tuberculosis dispensary. The total amount of the delivery was UAH 1175 dollars.

41 500 dollars were the fund's expenses in January and February 2021

They helped in the purchase of medicines and supplies for the Regional TB Dispensary in the amount of 560 dollars. They also paid for the operation for Vitaly Ch., A child with advanced tuberculosis, who was sent to Kiev for treatment (1263 dollars).

As part of the program to help children with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities, jointly with the American foundation “Maya’s Hope” 37 families with 40 seriously ill children throughout Ukraine received diapers, food, medicines, supplies. The special food has a high calorie content and a large amount of vitamins, which makes it possible to maintain the weight and health of bedridden children.

Two families received lightweight wheelchairs and one family received a wheelchair. One family received a home blood test device and consumables.

Assistance was provided to families in home 1 and home 2 в Kalinovka to pay for 3 educators.

Recently, the foundation has been paying special attention to financial support of the social project "From Sports to Social Integration", which is led by the teacher of the Molochansk boarding school, Yuri Kovalevsky. For this project, sets for games (140 dollars) and correctional training equipment - a bench for kinesiotherapy and special cuffs for arms and legs (137 dollars) were recently purchased. This allowed young athletes, children with disabilities from low-income families to be more interesting and better engaged in physical education and rehabilitation during the quarantine period.

Help for children's hospitals

In February 2021 on request Regional Zaporozhye Children's Hospital bipolar forceps (forceps) were purchased for the surgical department, which are necessary for complex neurosurgical operations (256 dollars).

For the department of anesthesia and resuscitation of newborns of the ZOKDB, we purchased breathing circuits, catheters for parenteral nutrition and other necessary consumables for 757 dollars

Project Happy House and Children's Eco-Village in Ukrainka

The main news is that two more children, former orphans, boys 6 and 10 years old, found a home and a family in Happy Home-3.

This year we decided to pay more attention to the health and development of children. The situation with the teeth of former boarding school pupils is very sad, to put it mildly, and babies, moreover, have to be treated using sedation (that is, in a dream). We have already treated several children from Happy House No. 4, in the coming days there are two more babies in turn, the cost of treatment for which, with a discount, will be about 577 dollars.

We are grateful to everyone who helps to improve the health of the little residents of the children's eco-village. If there are dentists in the Zaporozhye region who are ready to help, we will be very grateful!

We also paid for the CT scan for two children and an additional nanny-cook at Happy Home-4.

In addition to treatment, we continued to make life in the Happy Homes more comfortable - we updated the linen sets, purchased furniture, a carpet and a vacuum cleaner, and repaired the heating system and Lanos company car.

In the near future, there are plans to search for a tutor assistant to work with lagging children, to continue the reconstruction of house No. 34 for a small foster family, and to complete the construction of a moomin house. Help the project very easy!

Summing up

We are sincerely grateful to each of the hundreds of donors who helped the Zaporozhye children. We remind you that, unlike the fees for personal cards, which are massively carried out in social networks, the fund has been placing daily detailed reports about donations and expenses on our site. We guarantee that every donation will be counted and used as efficiently as possible!

Always Glade hear your feedback and wishes!

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