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Tigran Davidov, born 2018 - Ependymoma of the brain

January 4, 2021, 16:38 564 Author: Yana Lobanok Fundraising is suspended! The amount required for Tigran's MRI examination has been raised! Thanks friends!

Tigran Davidov, born in 11.04.2018

Diagnosis: Ependymoma of the posterior cranial fossa extending into the 4th ventricle and brain stem, cervical and thoracic spinal cord.

Tigran Davydov's treatment news

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ATTENTION! AS OF 03/02/2021: Fundraising has been suspended!

The amount required for Tigran's MRI examination has been raised! Thanks friends!


Sitting on the windowsill, a little boy enthusiastically watches the buses and cars outside the window. And at this time, the infusomat gradually introduces "chemistry" into his small organism through the tubes. This is Tigranchik, and he has cancer.

Two months before his first birthday, Tigran fell ill: his appetite disappeared, apathy and weakness appeared. After examination, a large tumor was found in the cervical spine, which impeded the outflow of fluid and could lead to cerebral edema at any time. The baby underwent the first brain bypass operation, and a little later the second, during which the tumor was partially removed and the material was taken for histology. Then there was the third, most difficult, operation to remove the tumor in the "Okhmatdet" city of Kiev.

To date, Tigran has courageously endured fourteen chemotherapy blocks and is preparing for the fifteenth. Each block of chemotherapy for a child is an indescribable anguish followed by a difficult recovery. Each MRI examination for parents is a hope that this "chemistry" was the last! Tigran practically ceases to eat and sleep, is capricious and crying all the time. But by the end of the course, the baby returns to a good-natured mood, gives everyone a charming smile and looks forward to returning home, where two older sisters are ready to cuddle him.

Tigranchik lags a little behind in development from their peers. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, he had to re-learn to sit, hold objects and start talking. Just two months ago, at the age of two and a half, Tigran made his first independent step!

For almost a year, we have been helping Tigranchik as much as possible. Several times we bought the drug “Irinotecan” for chemotherapy, which at that time was absent from the hospital and paid for the MRI examination four times.

For a year and a half, parents have been fighting for their son's life. Trips to Kiev for consultations and operations, buying medicines and undergoing examinations every two or three months - all this has to be paid from the family budget. And for a family where only dad works and two more wonderful girls are growing up, this becomes an unbearable financial challenge.

Parents pay for each examination with the “last money”. And each time they do not know if they will have time to postpone for the next MRI. We want to raise 9,000 hryvnia for Tigran so that he has a supply for tomography for the next six months.

Modern medicine deals with many types of childhood cancer. But persistence, strict adherence to treatment protocols and regular monitoring are needed. Help Tigran win!

The family lives in Melitopol, Zaporozhye region.

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