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Maxim Fitiskin, born in 2008 - Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia

March 31, 2021, 15:21 1879 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Fundraising is suspended! The amount required for rehabilitation has been collected! Thanks friends! For family reasons, the trip was postponed to August.

Maxim Fitiskin

Maxim Fitiskin, born in 08.02.2008

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. Recurvation in the knee joints.

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ATTENTION! AS OF 05/25/2021: Fundraising has been suspended!

The amount required for rehabilitation has been collected! Thanks friends! For family reasons, the trip was postponed to August.

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Only the closest people know how hard it is for Maxim every step is given. Throughout his life, the boy has been struggling with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, wresting his freedom of movement from the clutches of the disease.

Maxim Fitiskin

Two years ago, Maxim had a serious problem: his knee joints began to bend back. Standing, let alone walking, became unbearably painful. A complex operation was carried out at the Tournev Institute, after which it was necessary to wear a special splint complex on the legs for a year. But it's already been two, and the knee joints are still not stable. Therefore, Maxim continues to carry one and a half kilograms of excess weight on each leg. In these devices, the boy moves around the classrooms of the school, is engaged in physiotherapy exercises and learns to walk.

Maxim Fitiskin

For the growth of muscle mass and strengthening of the joints, as well as for the consolidation of the result of the operation, intensive training is necessary. Maxim's day is scheduled by the hour. In the morning - school, then a sports section in the pool and classes with a rehabilitation therapist, and in the evening - a treadmill at home. Physiotherapy at home will be effective only in combination with classes in specialized centers.

A trip to the Krok za Krokom center is planned for the end of May. Maxim is looking forward to her, as this is always the next step towards the cherished goal - to walk. But the financial costs of a family with a child with special needs are incommensurate with their income. And the 660 dollars bill forces the parents to ask for help.

Support the boy, and then he will definitely have a chance to learn to walk!

April 14 on the platform dobro.ua project started "Walk without pain! 2". Therefore, you can help Maxim on the website of our partners.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

For more information, please contact the staff of the Happy Child Foundation.

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