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Only good news or chronicles of residents of Kalinovka and other special children

September 4, 2018, 22:15 2385 Author: Rafael Verenych deti.zp.ua Good people and good deeds, which make the lives of children with disabilities better!

The hot summer has come to an end. It is time we looked over the events of the season. We will tell you the news of the most special residents of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast and how children with disabilities can experience a high quality of life thanks to good people from all over the world.

A car is not a luxury; it is an essential means of transport

As you know may or may not know, all “Happy Homes” possess official cars, and the Happy Child Charity Foundation helps families with service of cars within the framework of the Children's Village Project. New tires have been purchased for the Renault Traffic van in August. The van helps the children with special needs, who live in the Happy Home-1 and the Happy Home-2, go to medical check ups, field trips and grocery shopping. The partial repair of the van has been performed. Now children travel in total safety!

A pleasant and practical new acquisition of the first “Happy Home” - a spacious kitchen - dining room.

Until recently 9 teenagers with disabilities had eaten in a small kitchen. The limited space made eating uncomfortable. Children grow so fast, so each day it was getting more and more cramped for them. But now this problem is gone! New furniture has been purchased for the kitchen with the help of foreign investors and generous people from different cities of Ukraine.

Household appliances being damaged by hard water.

Unfortunately, the quality of water in Kalinovka leaves much to be desired. Boilers and washing machines, which are as necessary for the multi-child families with children with special needs as air, cannot cope with severe operating conditions and often breakdown. However, our guardian angels cannot leave former orphans behind, that is why happy families enjoy new washing machines and boilers. We hope that the new appliances in the house will serve longer than the previous ones.

Special parents of children with special needs and our small contribution.

Raising a child with special needs is not easy. Parents live at the limit of their physical, emotional and financial abilities. With the support of our American partners, the Happy Child Charity Foundation helps families in need. We regularly buy special high-cost food, diapers and medications for these wonderful children and their families.

Summing up

Work with children with special needs is an ongoing process which requires outside support. Each of us can help improve the quality of life of these children. Feel free to visit the “Happy Homes” in Kalinovka. Meet the children, read books for them, etc. You may help as a speech therapist, a rehabilitologist, a teacher, etc. You can make a donation or just provide a moral support to children. Together we can improve the lives of these amazing children!

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