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Maria Tsiba, not a year old – severe hearing loss in both ears

April 26, 2018, 11:30 3119 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Fundraising is closed! From the foster family, Masha and her sister moved to the family that adopted them. Parents are determined: to examine and treat the baby will be abroad on their own.

Maria Tsiba, born September 28, 2017

Diagnosis: Severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.

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ATTENTION! AS AT 22.03.2019: Fundraising closed!

From the foster family, Masha and her sister moved to the family that adopted them. Parents are determined: to examine and treat the baby will be abroad on their own.


Yulia and Dmitriy Korobchuk dreamed of having a big, friendly family. Six years ago, they bought a plot in the Pologi suburb of Zaporozhye and built a house with enough room to match their dream.

Having three children, Yulia and Dmitriy wanted to share their love and care with the child who was deprived of this happiness. But the promised baby was not one, but two wonderful girls. Twins Maria and Ludmila were waiting for their adoptive parents in Okhmatdit hospital in Kyiv.

“When we got close to the girls,” Yulia said, “they gave us a smile at once, as if they felt that their mom and dad came for them. The girls were lovely and we were fell in love with them at first sight!”

The twins were born prematurely, both with congenital hemolytic anemia. Their birth mother abandoned them in the hospital, and these beauties had been waiting for their real parents for four long months. But it was not for naught — the girls joined a large and friendly family with mom and dad, brothers Danil and Denis, and sister Alyona. The older children adore their younger sisters; they kiss and hug them. Alyona is mother's main assistant and even puts diapers on her sisters.

The new parents took the twins to be examined at our regional children's hospital. Like a thunderbolt from a blue sky, Maria was found to have severe sensorineural hearing loss in both ears - almost completely deaf. She was then examined at several audiology centers in Zaporizhzhia to confirm the diagnosis. Small but powerful hearing aids are needed to develop her hearing until she is big enough for cochlear implants.

“My girls are so cool,” Yulia said. “I want to kiss and hug them all the time and say the most tender words in the world! And I wish not only Ludmila would hear them, but also Maria. Twins are our double happiness!”

Without hearing aids, Maria will not develop in a normal way. She is already behind her sister, ill more often, and less active. Maria is just beginning to sit and react to toys. But she clearly distinguishes between strange and familiar faces. She always gives her mom the most radiant smile!

It is within our power to give Maria a chance to hear the sweet words of her mom, to understand the chatter of her older brothers and sister, and to catch up with her twin sister, not only to hear, but also to understand and speak!

Not everyone will decide to take such a responsible step to give warmth and love to a child. But any of us can be engaged in the future of this small girl and help her to obtain hearing aids.

The estimated cost of hearing aids is ?62,090 UAH (about $2400 USD)

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