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Help to arrange a recreation area for children with serious disorders!

August 2, 2017, 13:00 2633 Author: Mykola Kolodiazhnyi deti.zp.ua We wish to arrange a shade structure and a ret area nearby the Happy Home 2

One day books will be written and movies will be filmed about the events that are heppening now in Zaporizhya oblast`. Here is a family-type children`s home for children with serious development pathologies. This is revolutionary and unique development in Ukraine. Unfortunately, our society still has prejudices about children like this. Yet they are people like us. And, they need love and care as well, regardless their having the minimum basic living standards.

A post-soviet system inherited by Ukraine offers can only provide vegetating for those people (yes, exactly, vegetating) in the condition like …. How to say to put it mildly. Stripping of all disguise, journalists compare Ukrainian neuropsychiatric nursing homes with cowsheds. What about international human rights defenders, they equate Ukrainian neuropsychiatric boarding schools with torture centers.

Thus, what the Happy Child Foundation do in Kalynivka with support of people of good will looks like a smartphone in the company of rotary phones. The premises of former Chernivovskogo neuropsychiatric nursery homes are improved now to become family type children`s homes for children with serious development disorders. Overcoming fierce resistance of the budgetary bodies and other state authorities who don't want to release the facilities and their charges who are for them the ground of the budget delivery.

Here is a story worthy to be told separately of recreating these houses. Abandoned, dilapidated century-old buildings, without the roof and some walls missing were, in fact, newly constructed and turned into cosy pretty houses with the efforts of the Foundation and its philanthropists. Those buildings were given justified the names of "Happy Houses" numbered 1 and 2. A couple of years so-called "social adaptation" groups worked there: children and adolescents with severe pathologies lived there under the supervision of particular staff, they received special assistance there. These were not families yet, and these were not state-owned housing anymore.

And then, the Foundation decided to move further. Now, fully-fledged family-type children's homes are arranged on the basis of “Happy homes” in Kalynsvka. Two foster families agreed to take care of these children. This is a brave and noble decision of them. The kids who had no chance to get into an adoptive family in Ukraine live with new parents now surrounded by love and warmth.

Of course, it would be impossible without support of the Foundation and hearty people. The Foundation continues to support with adequate nutrition, medicines, hiring of rehabilitation specialists.

Together we can support this unique initiative. There is the need to arrange a recreational area for children at the second Happy Home Then it would be possible for children and their foster parents to spend time in the fresh air that is very important for their health.

To arrange the recreation areas, a total surface of it is approximately 90 square meters, we need:

- to purchase and deliver sand;

- installation of paving;

to purchase materials and to construct the shelter against sun or rain:

- metal pipes, purchasing and installation;

- metal roofing sheets, purchasing and installation, surface is about 35 square meters.

Children always need solid educational toys, balls, as well as tools for a variety of leisure activities trips to the sea side and excursions to the city. "Happy Home" always welcomes volunteers, both from Ukraine and from abroad.

If you can contribute with something from the above mentioned items, or providing affordable financial assistance for purchasing please contact Albert Pavlov by tel. +(38) 066 513 64 65, E-mail: info@deti.zp.ua.

To get information about convenient way for you to transfer the donations please visit the page. After the money is transferred, please notify the date, amount, account-destination and the purpose of your donation to the E-mail address: info@deti.zp.ua: «For Happy Homes in Kalynivka». Please, also indicate under what name you want to be displayed in our report.

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Misha Zavorotnii

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