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Five sisters dream about a warm home!

October 10, 2016, 14:40 3589 Author: Vera Vladimirova, translated by Andrei Vernon www.deti.zp.ua Give the gift of love and compassion to the five Kravets daughters and their mother. They have fallen on hard times and their home has been flooded by groundwater.

The five girls with their mom.

Act (documentation) of the Kravets’ current housing situation.

Ekaterina, a single mother, is raising five daughters all by herself – Arina, Anya, Alyona, Angelina and Antonina. She is asking all Zaporozhe citizens to help her buy a new gas boiler. It is already starting to get cold and the family knows it will be a long and cold winter.

The family’s home – comfortable for guests – is part of the private sector real estate market. It is located near the pond at the entrance to the Southern Microdistrict. In September, the groundwater flooded the homes of everyone living in this area. After this their boiler stops working and the family does not know how it will cope with winter right around the corner.

Photo of the faulty boiler that cannot be repaired

Ekaterina is a widow raising five children all on her own. She is doing the best she can to give them the care, tenderness and love as any mother would. The cost of the new boiler, 310 USD, is beyond the family’s means.

The family needs to solve this issue now before it gets too cold. Of course there are other parts of the house that need to be fixed – the basement, the leaking roof and the crumbling walls from the constant flooding. The home is constantly damp – there is always water under the floors – and the family knows that this is bad for their health. The kitchen is so dangerous to enter they avoid it at all costs. The conditions have become so bad that the children are getting sick and have either a flu or bronchitis because it is so cold.

The crumbling kitchen walls

Due to the kitchen being so dangerous the family washes dishes outside.

When it rains the water leaks through the roof.

We want to remind you that not too long ago one of the girls, Arina, has an operation on her heart. Arina is healthy once again and enjoying every moment with her family and friends at school. One of her sisters, Alyona, underwent a similar surgery and is also disabled.

She loves to help around the house, cook culinary delights, read books and dreams about dance classes. She dreams of the joys all girls her age want to experience. She also wants to see her mother be happy once again and not be worried and stressed out constantly. A child’s dreams are limitless!

We, The Happy Child Fund, try to help families that are in difficult situations as much as possible. Many people helped out last time when the family was in dire need of groceries and basic items. Ekaterina and her daughters are extremely grateful to everyone that has helped them!

Right now any amount – large or small – will help the Kravets family get closer to buying a new boiler and staying warm this winter. Any left over funds will be used to remodel the home so they can live in a safe and warm home all winter long.

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We would be glad to answer any questions you may have, please write us at info@deti.zp.ua. We want to help this family together because together anything is possible!

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