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Updated News and Needs of resuscitation department newborns ZRCCH

March 11, 2016, 11:10 1666 Author: Roman Kirchenko, translated by Mariya Onishchenko deti.zp.ua Help Received and Help Needed

Once again we visited the neonatal intensive care unit of Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children's Hospital. We are received new surgical gowns to the doctors. Thank you, Ksyusha Litavoy, for helping with the tailoring process.

Head of department Ivan Anikin.

We have visited recently purchased diagnostic system Neuron-Spectrum +. It works great. This Electroencephalographic system allows to “look in the head” of the smallest patients to investigate brain activity. It is amazing that the device is being manufactured in Ukraine, Kharkov! Thanks to the “Social Programs of Zaporozhstal” for their help with the acquisition of the device.

Diagnostic complex Neuron-Spectrum +.

This is what has already been done.

These are the things we need.

Cables pulse oximeter.

Pulse Oximeter Massimo in neonatal resuscitation.

Cables for pulse oximeters Massimo have gone out of service. The pulse oximeter measures the oxygen content in the blood. This is one of the most important indicators of the current state of the patient in intensive care. Massimo - it is something like an “iPhone” in the world of pulse oximeters – excellent, reliable equipment that is necessary in neonatal resuscitation, but the cables to it have to be exclusively "native". However, those cables are extremely expensive. One original cable costs about $270 in Ukraine. Unfortunately, they go out of service regularly. We need ten of them it is about $2500.

Fortunately, there is an opportunity to save - buy the cables directly in the US through a private person and ship them with the ferry to Ukraine . In this case, a single cable will cost a bit more expensive than $25. Though the shipping process will take longer, we’ll be able to reduce the price by $200. Unfortunately, the hospital cannot afford to do that, so our only hope is to get help from outside of Ukraine. $200 and the regional neonatal intensive care with the workers 'pulse' .

Laptop for Electroencephalographic complex Neuron-Spectrum +.

For operational work with the aforementioned complex we need a modern laptop.The doctors right now are solving the problems by bringing their own equipment, personal lap tops. The mobile carts for the Neuron-Spectrum + complex they build themselves. The clinic needs a good, landline laptop strapped to Electroencephalographic complex. Such as this one

Unfortunately, the old laptops will not work - the requirements for the program to work are high.

Unfortunately, the old laptops will not work - the requirements for the program to work are high.

The control unit "warm rug" for the incubator.

Incubator is a cradle for babies who need special conditions and medical assistance. The incubator is supported by a special microclimate which helps the kids recover. The temperature mode is set with the help of warm rugs, two of which are now out of order after 5-6 years of service. The control units are working properly, but rugs need to be replaced . The price of one is $40, total - $80.

Thanks to everyone who supported the program of assistance to children's hospitals In the Zaporozhye region. There are less of you than people who want to help the children directly, but you are saving just as many lives, providing and developing the effectiveness of children's medicine in the region.

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Yaroslav Kopiyko

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