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November 30, 2015, 17:30 1121 Author: Nikolai Kolodyazhnyi, translated by Anna Oliynyk deti.zp.ua To continue our activities in the coming year, the Happy Child Foundation needs your help!

In 2015, The Happy Child Charitable Foundation continued taking care of sick children. Thanks to your donations, we helped 242 children and the total amount of our help was more than UAH 3 million. What stands behind those numbers? The chance to save lives of hundreds of small creatures living on our planet. The hope in their parents’ eyes for their children to have a future. Behind each number, there is a story of someone’s life. We are truly and sincerely grateful to every person who helped, helps and will help those children.

Besides, our foundation continues helping children’s hospitals. In the year that is coming to its end, the foundation thanks to your support helped to procure medical equipment in the amount of UAH 1,866,000. It means that now doctors have more opportunities to save the lives of their small patients.

In 2015, there were several important events in the life of our foundation.

The Program to Help Patients with Cystic Fibrosis got a new name and a guardian angel. Now our program is named after Viktoria Butenko, a little girl who was fighting cystic fibrosis for many years with all her courage. In summer 2015, the cruel disease cut her life on earth short. But we do believe that Vika is still with us, extending her invisible helping hand to other children in their everyday fight with their disease.

This year we completed all the formalities for official registration of our Foundation to Help Adults “Helpus”. For several years, Helpus was operating as a project of the Happy Child Foundation aimed at helping those patients who were 18 or more years old. Many people already ask Helpus for support and we try to respond to their requests.

Besides, in 2015 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Klubok tourist club. Klubok is our tourist project for orphans and children from low-income and large families. Thanks to this project, such children got an opportunity to explore this world not only through books but through real adventures and emotions. They childhood is not easy but they will always have joyful memories from our activities.

In the beginning of 2016, we plan to open the third Happy Home in the Children’s Village. It will open its doors to a foster family which will host orphans, including children with special needs, which means that several more children will have home and loving parents.

This is only a tiny bit of the events and victories which make the routine our activities. For this work to continue, we need to cover various expenses: office, utilities, electricity, Internet access, staff salaries, and transport expenses.

Let’s try to assess the effectiveness of administrative expenses in case of our foundation. As a rule, business performance is assessed based on the return on investment. So let’s look at the activities of our foundation from this point of view. This year the foundation raised UAH 8,671,000. At the same time, our administrative expenses were less than UAH 400,000 or 4.6%. It means that 1 dollar invested into the administration of our organization returned as over 20 dollars in help to those who need it. You will probably agree that it’s a rather good return on investment!

There is no doubt that helping children who need your support right now is important. But to make this process work, our foundation also needs your help. We ask you to donate to support activities of the Happy Child Foundation. You can do it if you go to the Donate section on our website and find the most convenient option for you to make a donation. If you invest just one dollar into the foundation, you will make sure that we will raise many more dollars for sick children.

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Lev Ustinov

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