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Three unforgettable days in the Crimea

June 24, 2010, 9:30 5373 Author: Julia Petrenko, translated by Anna Gritsun deti.zp.ua God's blessing and protection, and the road, the backpacks, 12 fidgets, lizards, carrots, condensed milk, the rain, friendship, support and much more ...

In early May, I had another one trip to the Crimea. The route was worked out in a very well known for me area - the tract Demerdzhi. What's new? What are the expectations? There were no expectations.

But there are no similar hikes, there is no similar group, and that trip was for me and for all the participants something new and unforgettable.

The team was very good. An experienced tourist Kroll Vlad was the leader of our group. The main participants of the trip were 12 fidgets: Andrey, Alexander, Anatoly, Misha, Dima N., Semen L., Ruslan, Dima, Valik, Pasha, Sasha and Denis. Children were accompanied by Daniliuk Sasha, Daniluk Yuliya, Tikhomirov Sasha, Petrenko Yulia, Georgiy, Lupinovich Anton.

The first meeting with the guys was held in the orphanage lounge on the second floor. It was evident that they have been examining and geting acquainted with the camping equipment for a long time. Together we packed up the backpacks, prayed and went to the station. We were nineteen.

Crimea met us by sunny and bright weather. In the first few minutes a magnificent view of the Valley of ghosts and South Demerdzhi opened up. It was difficult to believe that tomorrow we would reach the top of the mountains.

The first day we visited the medieval fortress Funa, natural monument the Valley of the ghosts, and near the river Demerdzhi we made the first stop, set up the camp and cooked dinner.

The next day we had to climb to the pass Dzhurla. The ascent was steep and protracted, but no one thought to give up. Someone was faster, another was a little slower, but at last everyone climbed to the pass.

That day clouds overcasted the sky, and we thought we got in thick fog, but when we climbed to the pass, we noticed that we had passed through the cloud. And then the clouds were below us, and a clear blue sky was above us.

Then we descended to the tourist stop Dzhurla, set up camp and had dinner.

We have fulfilled the daily norm of the path before lunch, so we decided to climb to the summit of South Demerdzhi without the backpacks. The height of the mountain was 1239 meters above sea level.

The minor problems had not quenched our team spirit. That night the rain fell till morning, but, as in the previous day, the team made breakfast and got ready for a trip to the mountain waterfall Dzhurla.

Everything was new and amazing in this trip for the guys. We had to work hard to stay overnight and to make dinner.

Everyone tried his best. We put up tents, gathered firewood, cleaned vegetables, carried water, washed the dishes. We were one team, one body. Everything was very well arranged. Strong guys took away the goods from the weaker, those who went ahead, always waited for the stragglers.

The road was not easy, but we tried to overcome it. And there was something that helped.. We always felt a friend's shoulder, ready to help.

This trip was amazing by the fact that we were able to see the representatives of not only the flora but the fauna of the Crimea. We saw a family of wild boars, a beautiful gray squirrel, the boys caught "cute" newts in the lake, the lizards accompanied us the whole way.

I want to say: "Thank God". He was protecting and blessing us all our way. We felt his concern for us.

This wonderful experience in overcoming difficulties, mutual aid and contemplation of beauty, which we have experienced in this journey will stay in our hearts.

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