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Family Rashkevitch needs our help to accept two more orphans into family

February 12, 2010, 9:55 3557 Author: Mochalova Viktoria, translated by Tarasova Viola deti.zp.ua Lack of money for the finishing of building of an apartment house doesn't give Rashkevich family an opportunity to accept two more girls

Vladimir and Svetlana Rashkevich's foster family from Dnepropetrovsk exists from 2007 year.

Spouses worried, as the foster daughter would get on with their Vika. But really the situation was not so terrible. However it turned out that 10-year-old Karina has a sister-teenager Katya.

Karina and Katya

Girls were brought up in different orphanages, but foster parents have decided that it's better to bring up both sisters together.

Karina, Vika, Katya

At first there were a lot of difficulties, especially with Katya who preferred beer and cigarettes more than study, regularly she made scandals to parents , showing her independence. Today it is impossible to believe in it: the girl thinks about entering to the university very seriously, devotes much time to studies, does not allow her associates use foul language and smoke in her presence.


And Karina does the big successes in gymnastics – she is the master of sports.



Certainly, the big help in it is that Svetlana Vasilevna works as the teacher at school where girls study. Great teacher, she is able to find the approach to everybody, even to the most difficult pupil, she loves her work. And children answer her with the love. And what can be more important?

Karina, Svetlana Vasilevna, Katya

By the way, the girls have also the elder sister. She has her own family, a child. At first she didn't trust Katya and Karina's foster parents. But then she changed her mind, she often comes to their place with her husband, ask for help and advice. Svetlana Vasilevna and Vladimir Vladimirovich help with education of the grandson. Young couple have acquainted Christina's new "parents" with parents of the husband. Now they communicate, as well as it is necessary to matchmakers.

Kristina, Karina, Svetlana vasilevna, Kristina's son, her husband, Katya

Now Rashkevich family wants to take on fosterage 2 more girls. Those look forward, when it at last occures. Potential foster parents often come to girls, those call every day, tell about their affairs and greedy ask: «When?» They do not want another mum and daddy. And they have not enough chances for this: in our country people seldom dare to take teenagers in a family, prefer kids. It is difficult to cope with native children-teenagers - and here … After all, what is possible to impart to the child, who has such difficult biography? But Vladimir and Svetlana are not afraid of difficulties: they already have experience, desire, and the main thing – love. And Vika, Katya, Karina are ready to help.

There is one obstacle: It is necessary to have the certain quantity of a living space on each person to take children on one's living space. Rashkevich family has enough ample house, but, as often happens in a private sector, not all is officially issued. They took credits to complete 2 floor, but now this money are not enough. As a result of crisis banks do not give new credits.

The house

If you wish to help girls to find a family you can send your donations on the account of the fund "Happy child" Or to address directly to Rashkevich family. Svetlana Vasilevna's tel. nomber +38 093 915 54 92. An address of Rashkevich family: Ukraine, Dniepropetrovsk, Samarsky r-n, pos. Igren, per. Otdyha,1.

The text of the applikation of Svetlana Vasilevna

The rough estimate of expenses on the finishinfg of building

The full family: Katya, Svetlana Vasilevna, Vika, Vladimir Vladimirovich, Karina.

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