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Ephimenko Katya – 3 years old, bilateral deafness of the fourth level

July 9, 2009, 7:00 7967 Author: Inna Grigorieva (translated to English by Anna Skalevskaya for www.deti.zp.ua) www.deti.zp.ua Soon after her birth Katya was diagnosed to have valvular defect. Serious heart operation together with postsurgical medical treatment led to her absolute deafness. At the moment the girl need not urgent help.

The main diagnosis: bilateral deafness of the fourth level

Medical certificate from the professor Kolomiychenko otolaryngology Institute of the Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine.

The birth trauma Kate was born with caused the following diagnosis: right-side scoliosis of the thoracic spine, rib anomaly, dysplasia of the hip joint. In the process of the following medical examination doctors faced another serious problem: valvular defect.

In 2007 Kate experienced a serious heart operation in child cardiology and cardiosurgery center in Kiev.

Operation itself together with postsurgical medical treatment led to an almost absolute deafness. Kate underwent a thorough medical examination in the children regional hospital and in the otolaryngology Institute in Kiev and was considered to have bilateral deafness of the fourth level. As a result she became an invalid of the second group because of absolute deafness.

All the above mentioned hardships this little girl has experienced during the first three years of her life. Her father perished in a car accident when she was only two years old, so now Kate’s mother brings her up alone.

But the life still goes on! Kate has a hope – she still possesses 8% of her hearing ability. The girl is being trained by a special doctor – deaf-and-numb teacher. She starts to “pronounce” words – she learns them on pictures and then shows the letters they consist from. Despite her deafness Kate is an extremely communicative child – she really enjoys playing with other children, she tries to make them understand her feelings and thoughts by using mimics and gestures. Kate is also fond of watching cartoons – with a special hearing device she can decipher sounds. Kate also pays no attention to her other illnesses (because of problems with ribs and scoliosis she wears a special spinal support) and is fond of walking outdoors and riding a bike.

Kate badly needs two modern hearing devices which cost 12 526 hryvnas – 6 050 hryvnas each together with accumulators and other important components. Kate’s mother receives child benefit and her daughter’s disability allowance but it’s hardly enough to pay for food, so she just can’t collect the sum needed for the hearing devices.

There also exists another possible variant (frankly speaking the best one) – implantation of the cochlear apparatus in Kate’s right ear that has the best effect if done before the age of four. Such operation can be performed in Kiev “Otolaryngology institute”, but it costs 292 660 hryvnas – an enormous sum of money for the girl’s family, though this operation will give Kate a real chance to hear again and lead a normal healthy life.

Invoice for the cochlear apparatus

We address all the sympathetic people who are not indifferent and feel themselves capable of helping this bright little girl. Please, help us collect money for the hearing devices for Kate! This sum of money may sound great for one person but if we unite our forces we’ll manage to collect the money and make the life of this girl brighter and full of various beautiful sounds.

The telephone number of Kate’s mother, Dorochina Anna Anatolievna: +3 8-067-366-366-2

For further information, please, contact Inna Grigoryeva, the volunteer of the fund “Happy Child” : + 38 (093) 93 39 788, i_grig@ukr.net

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Translated to English by Anna Skalevskaya for www.deti.zp.ua

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