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March 16, 2009, 10:00 3154 Author: Alexandra Baglai www.deti.zp.ua To cope with huge amount of different and important tasks "Happy Child" fund need far much more mobility than we have nowadays

To cope with huge amount of different and important tasks we need far much more mobility than we have nowadays. Last year our fund "HappyChild" was donated with the considerable sum of money, so we had to solve the problems concerned with the shifting round the city and countryside, delivering medicines and packages for hospitals and orphanages etc. With the fund development the necessity of the office car is more obvious then ever. Not to be unfounded, I’ll show it for you by the examples:

The Kalinovka orphanage is situated in 93 miles far from Zaporozhye. Nobody in our fund has its own car. We haven’t got any public conveyances to get to the orphanage – cause the bus stops only at the route, and we need to go by feet rather far. I should admit that the cost of tickets for three of us is even a little bit more then the cost of the gas, if we could use it. Almost every time we go there with different packages, gifts, medicines and so on. So we should rent a car. It is more than expensive. So our trips there are more rare than it is necessary.

• We are requested to deliver sick children from the countryside to hospitals, because they can’t use public conveyances and taxi is too expensive for them. If we had a car we also should be able to transport children from the Kalinovka orphanage to inquire them in the Zaporozhye hospitals.

• We have to withdraw the sums of money from our donation-boxes – more then 30 of them are situated in the different parts of the country. To cope with it our employee needs 3 working days. Moreover we make the agreements with the factories to place our donation-boxes at there checkpoints. These factories are also situated rather far, and only to get there and back by tram we need one working day. And to say the truth the contingent of the industrial estates means that we should be very careful with the donated money there.

• Donated-boxes are made from the acryl. It is rather fragile material, and it is very simple to break it. The cost of one box is more then 20$. To place more than one box per day is impossible. With the car this number extremely increases.

• You sent different packages – books, clothes, toys. The packages are heavy and large. And the orphanages were we should deliver this packages are situated on the outskirts our at the countryside.

• Previous year we hadn’t got an opportunity to visit remote orphanages in the New Year Eve. We hadn’t got the office car and the rental car we TOO expensive. And many of the drives refused to go to the such backwoods (you see, we still have very big problems with the roads, especially outside the city).

• Assembling the transport charges of the previous 2 years we should admit that if we had had our own car it would have been already recompensed.

We haven’t got any moral right to take the money from the fund account and to buy the car – even the most simple and cheap. So we ask for your help in this item.

Cars in our countries are far more expensive than in the USA, in spite of that fact that they are worse. But nowadays their costs decreased greatly. We need nearly $2500 - 3000$ to buy used car in working.

We are thankful for your comprehension and hope for your help!

Please, contact us on any questions – detizp@mail.ru or +3 8 066 513 34 35

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