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Ira Antonova, Kostiantin Antonov with high degreeсystic fibrosis

April 15, 2017, 17:20 4676 Author: Vovk Olga helpus.org.ua Now the State completely ceased to care and help me as if in a single day I disappeared, me, my illness and my problems. I am over 18, I am with cystic fibrosis, and I exist!

Ira Antonova

Kostiantin Antonov

Diagnosis: degreeсystic fibrosis.

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My name is Ira, I am 23. Since my birth I have this diagnosis, the cystic fibrosis. It is a genetic disorder that is not curable now. It affects all the organs, especially the lungs. To improve somehow the condition of my body I have to undergo a course of treatment all the time, I use antibiotics, pills, breath medications, the treatment is very expensive. My family can't afford all the medications because my younger brother who is at the school,is also sick. It is difficult for usto fight infections because we communicate constantly transmitting each other germs and bacterias that always live in ourlungs, we cannot manage to get good results of treatment because of this.

I graduated from school and medical college. I am interested in applied arts with all their variety, I like creativity.

I was treated at a children's hospital before where this diagnosis was studied, I had a wonderful doctor who did everything for kids like me. Before the State also helped me a little bit with medications. But now it is very difficult, because I am over 18 years old and I was transferred to an adult hospital. Now the State completely ceased to care and help me as if in a single day I disappeared, me, my illness and my problems. They stopped providing even essential medicines, and above this there is another problem, many of necessary drugs does not even exist in Ukraine. We have to replace them with less efficient ones, as consequences this affects the results. One needs always to remember that to achieve the positive result astable, proper treatment is essential, and never give up.

Now Ira`s and Kostik`s essential needis the nebulizers, they must do permanent inhalations to support their living, the cost should be 310 USD. Also, the family spend more than 270 USD on essential medicine smonthly. The Antonov's sask your assistance. We know that unlike officials our readers care...

The family lives in Zaporizhia.

Ira Antonova

Kostiantin Antonov

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