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Spring holiday in Zaporozhye's children's oncology and hematology ward

March 31, 2007, 6:10 4561 Author: Albert Pavlov (translated from Russian by Lyuda Fomina) www.deti.zp.ua An old friend and sponsor of Zaporozhye hematology ward Lyubov Mihaylovna from Donetsk region arrived to Zaporozhye to congratulate children, parents and doctors with the Women's Day holiday

On Monday, the 5th of March, an old friend and sponsor of Zaporozhye hematology Lyubov Mihaylovna from Donetsk region arrived to congratulate the hospital department with the 8th of March.

Children received as a present toys, Moms and hospital stuff – flowers. Olga and Andrew presented everybody splendid dance numbers.

Everyone was moved to the innermost of his heart, and some of parents were crying because of joy of this moment and sadness of the situation happened with their children. Nevertheless such a change-over from trouble of the disease undoubtedly improved both children’s and parents’ state of mood.

Especial joy from the presents four-year old Andryusha received. This kid arrived to the hospital department from one of the orphanages of Zaporozhye region and now he is being examined (lymph nodes on his neck are much enlarged). All moms of sick children take care of Andryusha along with hospital stuff. We will inform our readers about his further destiny.

Then parents and hematologists discussed backlog of problems and ways of their solving. Lyubov Mihaylovna helped to buy 5 packages of lapheron for Alyona – a girl with relapse of melanoblastoma.

By admission of the chief of the hospital department, such a celebration of the 8th of March took place for the first time. We hope that in the future such celebrations will become a good tradition, and more and more people will give some of their time and incomes to help seriously ill children.

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