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The August Report on the Works Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

September 19, 2015, 11:35 3719 Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Izabella Balakirsky deti.zp.ua Kalinovka's residents' camping trip and the adoption of Margarita from the Kirovo Group Home have been the major events of this August

In August we bought 25 cans of high-protein tube feeding for Kalinovka and the same amount for the Velikiy Lug group home. The cost of high-protein tube feeding keeps going up, and that is why we spent over 12,000 Hryvnias (555 US dollars) last month on the tube feeding alone. 1,500 Hryvnias (70 US dollars) were given to Kalinovka group home to pay for the gasoline needed to transport their residents to the hospital, and we also continue paying for a physician and a physical therapist at that group home.

Last month, we bought half a ton of sand for the sandbox in Kalinovka, we also once again bought the supplies for soak-making, school supplies, and toys. Additionally, we bought a vacuum for the boys "Happy Home" for 2,000 Hryvnias (92 US dollars).

Seven of the Kalinovka group home residents went camping in the village of Ukrainka. Six out of these seven participants went camping for the first time, ate corn on the cob for the first time, and they also jumped up and down on a large trampoline for the first time in their lives.

At the end of August, a severely disabled girl Margarita was adopted from the Kirovo group home, and we hope that she will be able to live many more happy years abroad.

Report about the teachers' work in Kalinovka

Natalya P. did crafts with the children from "Happy Home" - they did crafts from corrugated paper and moldable foam. She also made soap with both the children and adult residents, made paintings, and did chalk drawings on the asphalt with the children. With Lilya the children made a photo frame out of old CDs, a gnome out of moldable foam, and a topiary out of peas.

With the teacher Olga M., in the girls' group, Larisa K. was learning poems by heart and practicing sewing buttons on clothes. Katya T. has learned how to make the bed all by herself. Olya R. learned to sit up by herself.

The adult residents continued doing arts and crafts with various instructors from the foundation. They made drawings, put together Legos and stackable toys, made sculptures out of modeling clay, etc.

Needs of Kalinovka as of Sept 12, 2015

1. musical instruments

2. sports equipment

3. soccer balls

4. rubber tires

5. computers for adults

6. a cassette tape/ CD player

7. a silicone mat, 3x4 meters

8. musical toys

9. puzzles

10. mosaics

11. acrylic paints

12. stained glass paints

13. plaster of Paris

14. outside thermometers

15. metal wire #4

16. silicone molds for making the polymer clay magnets

17. shelves for houseplants

18. soil for houseplants

19. supplies for soap-making

20. coloring books

21. Legos

22. seed beads

23. stacking toys

24. moldable foam

25. chains, beads, and wire for making bracelets

26. safety pins - 100 pieces

27. kitchen scale

28. pencil sharpeners

29. wooden pieces for crafts

Thank you for all your previous help and constant moral support. Please remember that only you, together with us, can help these children and adults! Every dollar and every minute counts!

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