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The January and February Report on the Works Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

March 13, 2015, 17:00 3079 Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk deti.zp.ua In the recent two months, we carried on providing financial support to orphanages and made the first step to creating family-type orphanages based on our Happy Homes

In January, we brought a recirculator to Kalinovka for the premises where bedridden adult patients stay. Besides, in January we purchased medications for UAH 600 (23 US dollars) to Kalinovka and transferred more than UAH 1,500 (58 US dollars) to procure gasoline for patients’ transportation to hospitals.

In the recent two months, we delivered toys to the orphanages in Velikyi Luh, Kalinovka and Kirovsky orphanage for girls from the US-based Maya’s Hope. Besides, there was one more delivery from Anna (Melitopol), which allowed us bringing the orphanage residents a lot of clothes, stationery, books and art products once more. We also took a package from the students of Dneprorudny School (stationery and toys) to the Kalinovka residents.

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

We purchased 15 Resource Optimum protein nutrition boxes for the orphanage in Veliky Luh and 17 boxes for the Kalinovka orphanage. Besides, we bought Aktifferin for Kalinovka and transferred UAH 1,000 (38 US dollars) to the orphanage so that it is possible to purchase the required medications in emergency situations. The Kirovsky orphanage got the nutrition packages that we received as humanitarian aid from Germany. Such nutrition is also used as complementary feeding for protein-malnourished children.

In February, Director of the Happy Child Foundation had a meeting with the First Deputy Chairman of the Oblast Council. They were talking about transforming two Happy Homes into two family-type children’s homes. If everything goes smoothly, in summer children will be able to live in real families and not just in family-like conditions.

Besides, in February we sent a letter to the Healthcare Department asking for facilitation in improving the quality of healthcare services in Chernihiv district for the Kalinovka residents. Although when we were talking with representatives of the Healthcare Department in private they agreed with us, when we received the written response from them, they told that we were talking about one of the best healthcare facilities in Ukraine. We would also like to state that for many years dentists failed to provide any medical services to children or adults living in the orphanage or only extracted bad teeth and now we have been promised that the dentist will be able to come to Kalinovka to treat its residents. We do hope that it will happen in reality …

The Report of Educators’ Work in Kalinovka

Lilya K. with Artem N. made poppy flowers from spun yarn and on a tree section using decoupage technique. Besides, Lilya used beads to make hibiscus with children.

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

Angela G. learned to take her toys from the storage container on her own. Katya T. puts her clothes in order in the wardrobe; Jenya helps to get younger girls dressed and cleans her cup after using it. Larisa is now able to cut her own nails. Katya A. from the same group made bracelets with the educator. During the Carnival (Maslenitsa Fest) older girls from this group cooked pancakes with the educator.

Natalya M. with Larisa K. and Katya A. made tulips using plastic spoons and crepe paper. Besides, Larisa was taught to recognize letters on the keyboard. In the boys’ group, Natalya played lotto game with children, teaching them letters and numbers up to 20.

Sophia Sh. together with children made flowers – orchids and golden daises from crepe paper. Besides, the educator took children sledging. By the way, it was the first time when they saw sledges in their lives. Children still enjoy it when Sophia reads them out loud. To celebrate the International Women’s Day, Sophia made paper flowers with children for the nannies and educators of the boys’ group. She says that the children really like to make presents they produce with their own hands.

Отчет о работе фонда за январь и февраль

The needs of Kalinovka as of 12 March 2015:

1. developmental toys (construction set, logical table games)

2. musical instruments

3. training equipment

4. footballs

5. tires

6. computers for adults

7. wall pictures

8. stained glass film

9. record player

10. silicone mat 3 x 4

11. musical toys (for adults)

12. big puzzles

13. mosaic

14. crepe paper

15. spangles for decorations

16. color books

17. acrylic paints

18. stained glass paints

19. remote control for LG air conditioner

20. plaster

21. outdoor thermometers

22. exercise ball

23. cotton pads

24. PVA glue

25. wire No.4

26. silicone forms for polymer clay magnets

27. finger paints

28. beads

29. flower shelves

30. soil

31. oil and dry crayons

32. enamel paper for pictures and frames 10x15

33. acrylic plaster

34. breath freshener

35. speakers for computer

36. set of glue refills 10 pcs 200 mm

37. green floristic wire

38. balloons

39. padding polyester

40. floristic sticks

41. bagging and bagging rope

42. zigzag scissors for fabric

43. white and beige canvas 1 m

44. batteries

45. albums

46. felt-tip pens

47. water colors

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Let’s do good!

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