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Katya Prusenko, born in 1994 - chronic renal disease

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История Кати

Katya Prusenko, born on October 23, 1994

Diagnosis: Chronic kidney disease, hypoplasia of kidneys, hemodialysis.

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Listed funds Katyusha will suffice for several trips. About all the news we will inform you. Thank you near, dear donors.


At first sight, it seems that this happy and smiling girl looking at you from the picture is about 13 years old, but in fact Katya is 20, she is not a teenager but a young woman who went through many challenges in her life. For many years, this small fragile lady lives with a terrible diagnosis: chronic renal disease, and Katya’s life is regulated by its strict rules. Due to her disease, Katya is not able to live a normal life: earlier she could not go to school together with her peers, and now she can’t enter college to become a psychologist, which is her dream.

История Кати

But, no matter what, Katya believes that good luck will finally smile on her and all her dreams will come true. If you know about all the problems she has to face, you start wondering where this little human being takes all the energy, patience, self-possession and great desire to live. Her health problems started back when she was 4 years old, Katya went through a penetrating injury of her left eye with corneal damage (as a result she developed bilateral cataract with loss of vision in her left eye). That is when her laboratory values were found to be abnormal (proteinuria).

История Кати

After 2 years, in 2000, doctors established her diagnosis: renal hypoplasia, level-two chronic renal disease. In 2004, this diagnosis was confirmed in the National Pediatric Specialized Hospital “Okhmatdet”. The renal failure has been progressing since 2006. Currently, the chronic renal disease reached the fifth stage.

История Кати

История Кати

In 2007, an artery – a venous fistula – was formed to carry out the conservative treatment of the chronic renal failure. In March 2010, the doctor started renal replacement therapy by long-term hemodialysis, which is delivered in the Zaporozhzhye Regional Clinical Hospital.

For this vital manipulation, Katya has to go to the Regional Hospital three times a week, covering 120 kilometers, and it all lasts for several years already, even if she does not feel good, has no money or the weather is bad. Katya is willing to go through these challenges to live but for this purpose she needs supportive drugs, which cost more than UAH 18 thousand (6,792 US dollars) every six months.

История Кати

История Кати

Do not stay aside others people’ problems, lend them a helping hand. All together, supporting each other we can give a second life to someone even when the person can’t cope on his own. It is hard to put up with the thought that there is no hope, when family is not able to pay for the necessary treatment.

We ask you to help. Katya Prusenko really needs your support.

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

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