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The November Report on the Works Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

December 16, 2014, 21:30 3109 Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Daria Sukach deti.zp.ua Attending a beauty contest and purchasing medical equipment as well as handicrafts items were the main events of November

Last month we bought thirty bottles of Resource Optimum protein supplement for bed-ridden children in the Kirovo orphanage who moved there from the Kalinovka Children’s Home.

We have been continuing to finance the petrol expenses for health care trips. Last November we spent approximately 1,000 hryvnyas (60 US dollars) for this project. One of our devoted sponsors provided little orphans in Kalinovka with medications, which cost 1,500 hryvnyas (90 US dollars). We have bought a new massage table at 4,000 hryvnyas (242 US dollars) for the Kalinovka orphanage.

Отчет по работе фонда

We have spent around 1,500 hryvnyas (90 US dollars) for the handicrafts items. Besides, we have also bought 4 kilos of wire for handicrafts. We have additionally provided the boys’ “Happy Home” with lamp throttles.

Отчет по работе фонда

Kind people from the town of Melitopol donated ten bags with clothes, shoes, books and toys and many handicraft materials. Many thanks!

Отчет по работе фонда

Отчет по работе фонда

On November 16th some children and adults from Kalinovka attented “Harmony of Beauty” contest. Although the young attendees could hardly understand what sort of event they saw, they were thrilled with the “concert” and asked us to take them there again. Larisa, confined to a wheelchair, who saw Zaporizhzhia only from the bus stop to the Hlynka concert hall, made a conclusion that our city was very beautiful. Three hours filled with music and dances brought much fun and joy to our Kalinovka friends, and we hope to be able to organize a little trip for them somewhere else before Christmas.

We have been continuously financing the work of a rehabilitator in the Velikiy Lug orphanage (who works there for four hours a day) as well as a rehabilitator, a physician and six educators in the Kalinovka orphanage.

Отчет по работе фонда

Отчет по работе фонда

The Report of Educator’s Work in Kalinovka:

Liliya K. assisted children with making bells, snowflakes and beads Christmas-trees whereas Larisa D. was also making similar Christmas tree ornaments with the young and older dwellers of the orphanage. This educator also helps the children make magnets from polymer clay. These handicrafts hours have recently resulted in pigs, frogs and a donkey made from plastic bottles.

Отчет по работе фонда

Отчет по работе фонда

Sophia Sh. together with Artem N. and Sasha Z. made a cornel branch from coffee filters. The children have made daisy flowers from simple white pieces of paper.

Отчет по работе фонда

Отчет по работе фонда

Natasha M. together with Larisa K. made a picture from grains and flowers from corrugated paper, practiced writing and assembled the construction set. Zhenya Zh. enjoyed playing ball and drawing.

Отчет по работе фонда

Olya M. together with the girls made Christmas garlands. Larisa K. and Katya A. have learned to water pot flowers. Olya M. is also teaching Olya P. and Anzhela G. to walk.

The grown up dwellers of Kalinovka are succeeding with more and more new amazing handicrafts.

Отчет по работе фонда

The current needs of the orphanages as of 15th of December 2014:

The bed-ridden children from the Kirovo orphanage need a drying rack.

The Velikiy Lug orphanage needs:

• pacifiers, baby feeding bottles;

• paper towels;

• mouthrinsers;

• Schanz collar braces;

• elliptical trainer;

• pavilion for children's department of the fourth type.

The current needs of the Kalinovka orphanage:

1. developmental toys (construction sets, logical table games)

2. musical instruments

3. sledges

4. training equipment

5. soccer balls

6. socks for children and adults

7. tires

8. water filters

9. computers for adults

10. wall paintings

11. deodorants

12. stained glass film

13. record player

14. silicone mat 3 x 4

15. musical toys

16. jigsaw puzzles

17. mosaic

18. diapers

19. Dragon glue

20. corrugated paper

21. spangles for decorations

22. coloring books

23. acrylic paints

24. stained glass paints

25. linen basket

26. mugs

27. remote control for LG air conditioner

28. satin ribbon

29. drying rack

30. plaster

31. polymer clay

32. street thermometers

33. fit balls

34. cotton swabs

35. batteries

36. PVA glue

37. wire No. 4

38. white corrugated tube 2 m

39. silicone forms for magnets made of polymer clay

40. finger paints

41. quilling sets

42. beads

43. shelves for pot flowers

44. soil

45. disposable tableware

46. colourful paper napkins

47. watering can

48. rods for hot glue

49. ornamental glass stones

50. oil and dry pastel

51. pens

52. glossy paper for photos and photo frames 10x15

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Let’s do good!

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