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Little Cancer Patients from the Hematology Department Need Bathroom Sinks!

December 8, 2014, 14:20 1905 Author: Roman Kirchenko, translated by Daria Sukach deti.zp.ua The reconstruction of a new accommodation of the hematology department is almost completed. The Children’s hospital needs your financial support in purchasing bathroom faucets and sinks!

For ages there has been a growing need for a bigger accommodation for the Hematology Department of the Zaporizhzhyia Regional Children's Hospital. In fact, many little patients have to stay there for months and sometimes up to a year. It can not be compared to a one week hospital stay. This department is literally a home for many cancer sick children.

 Мойдодыр в гематологию

 Мойдодыр в гематологию

January 2014 – November 2014

This big dream of a bigger accommodation started to come true in 2014. The main renovation works have been almost done. The department still needs some bathroom equipment. Fortunately, some kind people helped with buying toilet bowls and shower cabins. The bathroom sinks and faucets are the items, which are currently needed.

 Мойдодыр в гематологию

 Мойдодыр в гематологию

The current list of necessary bathroom equipment:

1. A Ball faucet as well as elbow operated faucet – 2 items (a ball faucet for the manipulation room and an elbow faucet for hands-free usage) – 1,400 hryvnyas – 90 US dollars;

2. A steel bathroom sink x2 – 1 item – 1,210 hryvnyas – 75 US dollars;

3. Ball faucets – 19 items (for wards) – 7,900 hryvnyas – 492 US dollars;

4. Shower faucets – 4 items – 1,960 hryvnyas – 122 US dollars.

All in all this bathroom equipment should cost 12,500 hryvnyas – 780 US dollars.

Dear friends,

We really hope you will kindly support the hematology renovation project! Your financial assistance will definitely help seriously sick children and their parents who stay within hospital wards for many months move to a new department and enjoy better standards of life!

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