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The September Report on the Works Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

October 23, 2014, 11:50 3691 Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua Medical equipment procured for orphanages, costs to employ additional staff covered as well as petrol for the healthcare-related needs and a visit to the circus

Last month an electrical suction machine and a recirculator were procured for the Kirovsky orphanage for the department for bedridden children, where Kalinovka residents were transferred this summer.

The Kalinovka orphanage purchased petrol for UAH 1.300 (100 US dollars) to transport children to hospitals. Besides, with the support of our American donator we have a doctor working in Kalinovka for the fourth month. Our regular sponsor, Maya’s Hope, also covers the work of rehabilitators in Kalinovka and in the orphanage based in Velikiy Lug.

We also purchased petrol for 16 female residents of Kirovsky orphanage to visit circus in September courtesy of administration of the Zaporozhzhye circus.

We also covered the costs to repair two water heaters in Kalinovka. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of the water they often break down.

The Report of Educator’s Work in Kalinovka

An educator for adults continues her work in Kalinovka thanks to the support of our donors from the UK, Future Youth Project. With her adult students, Natasha P. does handicrafts, teaches them colors, seasons, draws, works with modeling clay, construction sets, and teaches them writing, with the most “complicated” students playing with musical toys, pyramids and learning to walk. We still need your help to pay for the work of such adult educator at weekends. Thank you in advance!

Olga M. and Larisa K. worked on their handwriting and coloring skills and also did puzzle games. Natalya M. with Larisa learned parts of a human body. Katya A. learned to work with modeling clay. Besides, Natasha M. made a crepe ball with Larisa and Katya.

Vera S. learned to play with blocks. Katya T. learned not only to put on her clothes on her own but also to help other children put their clothes on. Zhenya Zh. helps the instructor lay the table. Besides, Zhenya played with a ball and drew with Zhenya. Another educator, Olga M., goes on teaching Olya R. and Angela G. to walk and to hold their spoons.

Sofia Sh. made origami balls with Sasha Z.

Aleksey R. played with construction sets with the educator. 20-year-old Sasha K. goes on walks along the building holding the educator’s hand. By the way, he only learned walking a few months before.

The Current Needs of Kirovsky Orphanage (Department for Bedridden Children):

1. Air freshener (Air week) – replaceable cartridges 10 pcs

2. Liquid baby soap and shampoo

3. Jaconet 30 meters

4. Cheesecloth 30 meters

5. Medical gloves (non sterile) 150 pcs

The Current Needs of Kalinovka orphanage:

• developmental toys (construction sets, logical table games)

• musical instruments

• handwriting and mathematics workbooks

• sledge

• picture frames of A4 and 13x18 sizes, volumetric frameworks

• threads for crochet work, crochet

• training equipment

• footballs

• socks for children and adults (sizes 40-44)

• white and pink enamel

• flowerpots

• tires

• construction (expanding) foam

• large empty water bottles

• water filter

• computers for adults

• wall paintings

• deodorants

• stained glass film

• record player

• silicone mat 3 x 4

• musical toys (for adults)

• toothpaste

• superglue

• puzzles

• mosaic

• paper coffee filters

• green floristic ribbons and wire

• mirror

• Dragon glue

• crepe paper

• spangles for decorations

• coloring books

• acrylic paints

• stained glass paints

• dumbbells

• quilling set

• big and AA batteries

• acetone

• linen basket

• clothes pins

• brushes

• stapler

• electric thermometers

• in-room thermometers

• fit ball

• mugs

• remote control for LG air conditioner

• cotton swabs

• pencil sharpener

• satin ribbon

• drying rack

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Let’s do good!

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