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July 15, 2014, 13:00 2042 Author: Anastasia Pisareva, translated by Oxana Burns nevanevajno.livejournal.com The story of how dreams come true... About a former orphan Oleg from the village of Kalinovka who recently found a loving family

There was once a brave, cunning, clever dreamer called Captain. He lived on a planet called "Kinina", where almost all the residents knew the word "Mom", but never clearly understood what it meant.

Captain liked to fancy different roles, imagining to be a doctor one day or turning into a dog another day, or becoming a singer poet, arranging concerts and playing the guitar. Every day he dreamed of waking up in the morning of his birthday or some day very close to it which meant going where such heroes like Captain were supposed to be - in the sea.

And he seemed to be pretty happy, because he had a special gift of being able to feel and enjoy every little thing happening in his town. But he lacked something important and quite unknown to him. Something or someone everyone was talking about, but none of his friends had. MOM-who is she? Maybe she was the girl that came to see him last week and brought some candies, or the one that came smiling and saying hello to everyone. Or probably she is the teacher of the morning shift? He could not understand why he didn’t have her and who decided that he didn’t need her. A couple of times he heard conversations about Moms coming, but for some reason his friends left and he stayed. He came up and asked: "Are you my mother?" Nobody answered this question, and he was only asked to keep waiting.

Captain did not grieve; he preferred imagining his own world, in which he had everything required for real life, as it seemed. There was a car, a boat, and all that precious treasure belonged to him. He could go wherever he wanted - to the sea, well over the mountains or far beyond the horizon that he could always see from the window of his house. On his hands, legs and face there were so many scratches and small scars that his entire, albeit a short life could be read. He has never been afraid of the unknown and with great interest got into all that was new to him. It often gave trouble but never really bothered him, unlike the others, who now and then called him Captain – “Disaster”

One morning Captain woke up and found out that this time Mom would definitely come for him and another boy from his home. His joy knew no bounds; he continually told everyone that finally he was 100 per cent happy because he'd got something that had always lacked. When they met, he did not quite know how to behave with "moms" and what kind of beings she was. He knew that he should be happy with her and it was enough for him.

On the day when the rest of his neighbors and friends went on a trip, getting out of the turn of the road and vanishing beyond the horizon, Captain had to go much farther.

Now he lives on a planet called "Family" and I think he teaches the inhabitants of his new home and people living nearby to enjoy life with the same wild-eyed energy.

P.S. This story is dedicated to the undeniably remarkable boy named Oleg, who taught me not to be afraid of doing something, even if you know you might get hurt. How can you be sure that it's not worth it until you try?

With Love, Na!

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