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The June Reports on Our Works Done in Care Homes for Children with Special Needs

July 8, 2014, 19:30 2637 Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Oxana Burns www.deti.zp.ua We’d like to express our gratitude to each and everyone who in June provided special children and adults with pecuniary gifts and good mood, which is priceless. We do appreciate it!

Since bedridden children from the village of Kalinovka were transferred to a care home in the village of Kirovo, special protein containing food" Junior" was purchased for the amount of 7,274.45 hryvnyas (approximately 610 US dollars) last month. Considering the fact that a lot of children have been eating cooked semolina for most of their lives, which is pretty useless for their health, now they need ongoing special food, as their stomachs do not accept usual food. We need to understand that it will take some time for these children to adapt to new food because they won’t be able to eat the stuff that has a kind of taste different from semolina. Therefore, we are asking you to support the orphanage and help them buy food for the five children who are fed through a tube. Thank you!

The main work of the Foundation, as before, is conducted in the Kalinovka orphanage. On June 3rd, the second "Happy Home" for 9 girls was officially opened. The opening ceremony was attended by Gregory Samardak, Governor Senior Deputy, Igor Meschan, Social Security Department Head, Chernigovsky district authorities, the Foundation staff and volunteers, as well as journalists of three TV channels and several newspapers.

Besides previously purchased toys, curtains and various household trifles, on the opening day we presented the girls with a new TV, which was bought with the funds donated by Amy from England. It becomes a good tradition when our foreign friends donate their birthday money for the needs of "our" children. Many thanks!

In June, the Dimex firm once again provided the orphans of Kalinovka with materials for creativity. Now beading classes will most likely alternate with decoupage lessons, for which paints, varnishes, napkins, brushes and all sorts of different useful things were purchased. Thank you!

On June 1st on Children's Day volunteers from “Angels” came to Kalinovka for the second time. A singer Vita and SPEEDWAY band came along with them. On behalf of children and the Foundation we’d like to express our appreciation to these volunteers, as such concerts for children do not happen too often.

In Kalinovka our tutor for adults continues her work, but due to staff reduction, the situation with some of the orphans does not look promising at all, even when such position is available. For example, according to the official staff list there is one opening for a nurse per a group of 45 orphans over 18 years old, many of whom require spoon-feeding, clothes and diapers changing. By the way, according to the administrative order regarding staff list in psychoneurological establishments, one nurse is supposed to take care of 30 adults. The problem is that no one takes into account the distance between the buildings or the condition of these 45 adult patients. After all, these are grown up seriously ill kids of this area and no other residential care establishments or nursing homes have as many of them as this one in the whole region.

For the record, we wrote a letter to the Ministry of Social Policy asking to support the care home and have some additional openings, and we just got the runaround saying, that "our wishes will be taken into account when making changes in the personnel arrangements". Based on my experience, I can say what it means - we care less about your petty problems.

I don’t have enough guts to stay all by myself in the housing with 45 mentally ill children, a good half of whom constantly needs changing and a dozen of whom is constantly trying to run away. In my subjective opinion, only the people who were in their shoes or in the shoes of those who looked after them have a moral right to decide the fate of these people and those who take care of them. Then in our country there would be more than one nurse per 45 mentally ill young men. I’m far from certain that our situation will comply with the standards and conditions available in Europe, but at least it will meet reasonable limits. Perhaps another point is that, in fact, our society does not give a damn what goes on behind closed walls. As if it can never personally concern you. Or me. It is very possible that we are mistaken...

Tutors’ Works Report

In the second "Happy Home" Olga M. engaged Larisa K., Vera S. and Katya A. in writing in copybooks, assembling 35-item jigsaw puzzles, making a pyramid, modeling out of plasticine. Olga and the children from this group went for a walk to the river. Also, Sasha K. was temporarily in this group, whom Olga has been teaching to walk for a couple of months.

Sofia Sh. made bluebottle flowers with girls and a pig with boys of macaroni. Also, the girls made topiary of fabric. Sofia teaches boys to capitalize and constantly engages them in making hand-made articles of corrugated paper.

Natasha M. succeeded in teaching Vanya P. to focus his attention on one occupation and completing what he had begun doing. Sasha Z. and Ruslan F. were taught to do an accordion of paper by the tutor. Maxim B. learned to inflate bubbles. Yura Ch. learned to draw the sun and a house on the pavement.

The list of current needs of Kalinovka as of July 4th, 2014

1. CDs with sounds of nature and children’s music

2. Threads for knitting

3. Developing toys (construction sets, logic games)

4. Regular and larges size batteries

5. Musical instruments

6. Colored wool (woollen cloth)

7. Big inflatable ball (beach ball)

8. Cardboard (tough check or academy board) of large size 40x30 or 50x50

9. Picture frames of A4 and 13x18 sizes, volumetric frameworks

10. Mural (photowall-paper )

11. Maths textbooks for the first grade

12. Threads for crochet work, crochet

13. Training equipment

14. Footballs

15. Satin ribbons

16. Socks for children and adults

17. Beads

18. White paint

19. Flowerpots

20. Tires

21. Construction (expanding) foam

22. Large empty water bottles

23. Wall clock

24. Copy-books for handwriting training

25. Water filter

26. Silicone mat 3x3

27. Computers

28. Paintings

29. Microwave

30. Deodorants

31. Chairs - 20 pcs for the 2nd home

32. Stained glass film

33. Crayons

34. Tape recorder

35. Fan

36. Sandglass

37. Conditioner

38. Garbage bags

39. Wipes

40. Dental spray

41. Fly swatters

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Let’s do good!

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