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The November Report of the Works Done in the Chernigov Children’s Home in Kalinovka in 2013

December 11, 2013, 18:30 2588 Author: Maria Semashkina www.deti.zp.ua Three kids have been adopted, the works on the front of the second Happy Home have been completed and we have visited a theater. Thus, November could be called one of the most successful months of this year for our foundation in Kalinovka

The biggest news of these months and may be of the whole year is an adoption of three children. Two of them are now in the family, which is already raising the first Kalinovka's adopted boy - Sasha, and another one will live in a family, which has their four own children. We are going to keep you updated about these joyful events.

Nikita with new parents

Bohdan and Sasha with their dad

The works on the front of the second "Happy Home" have been finished in November, but there are still small reworks and core works left. But may be this New Year our girls will celebrate in their own new cosy house. Thank you, everyone, for your support!

The last month in Kalinovka we've welcomed our primary sponsor Maya Rowencak for the third time already! Her foundation pays salaries to the 5 teachers and massage therapist in Kalinovka. This time children taught Maya how to dance and in response she taught some children English.

Moreover almost all children in the "Happy Home" are now talking about their soonest moving to the USA, after the last adoptions. Well, time will show. However I must admit, that during my 1,5 year work in this orphanage there was only one Ukrainian family, that was thinking about adopting a child with special needs. But I keep on hoping, that there will be more of such families in the future.

Since November we've got a new teacher in Kalinovka, who is taking care of grown up orphans. There are 7 foundation teachers, who are working in orphanage at the moment. Most of them are dealing with children, one of them gives bead weaving lessons to the adults twice a week. And there is another teacher, who started in November and who is taking care of education and free time of Kalinovka’s elder "young generation". It should be stressed, that most of the "generation" members have been considered for a long time to be hopelessly learning-disabled ones.

A work of a teacher for the adults became a reality with a financial support provided by our British friends from Future Youth Project.

The last month a trip to the Youth Theater was organised. And even the fact, that there are still a lot of the unanswered questions left after the performance, doesn't depreciate an importance of this event - you know, it's such a rare opportunity for these children and adults to go out somewhere. That is why we are not allowed to ignore their wish to develop, which includes your help as well.

We've received two packages for the Kalinovka children in November - a huge box with new toys from Olga and a set for creative work from Western Ukraine. Thank you all, guys!

The Report on Teachers’ Work:

Danil D. from Raisa G. group now knows more vocabularies and he is already able to creep in the playing room. This child used to sit in a carriage or just stay in his bed. Julia Ch. started speaking some words also. Vlada Ch. keeps on learning to walk using a baby walker. The teacher Olga M. from the same group taught Olya R. to gather toys at the end of the day.

Serezha P. from Valentina K. group reads not only ABC book, but also the fairy tales for children, "Three Piglets" for example. The teacher with her kids are now preparing for a New Year celebration, they are learning poems and songs.

Almost everyone from Natalia P. group is older than 18 years and all of them are on different levels of mental aptitude. Igor S., who is 29 years old, only now learnt to take the things on teacher's request. Sergey D. now knows well how to gather a construction kit. Vitya Y. and Vitaliy M. are learning New Year poems with their teacher. Artem K. is now paying attention to the toys, even though they had to fix his hands all the time previously and follow his every move and action.

Vova B. enjoys drawing in the album and gathering the construction kit. Vitaliy T. is one of the most gifted in the group, he colours well, does applique work and makes sculptures from plasticine.

The Current Needs of Kalinovka ( 03.12.13 )

1. Construction materials for the second Happy Home

2. CDs with the sounds of nature and music for children

3. Large and middle puzzle sets

4. Musical toys

5. Construction kits

6. Toy construction blocks

7. Pyramids

8. Crochet threads

9. Drying rack

10. Masks

11. Mats

12. Developmental toys

13. Batteries

14. Musical instruments

15. Rattles

16. Squared copybooks

17. Drawing-books

18. Calculating rods (3 boxes)

19. Needlework kit

20. Math and writing copy books

21. Colored wool

We are thankful to you for all your previous help and permanent countenance. Keep in mind, that we are the ones, who are able to help these children and adults! Every dollar and every minute of your attention paid to the children and adults with special needs are priceless. Do good!

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