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The October Report of the Works Done in the Chernigov Children’s Home in Kalinovka in 2013

November 16, 2013, 11:30 3816 Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua The visit of real angels, training of the Child’s Home staff, planting apple trees and the non-stop reconstruction of the future Happy Home-2 for little orphans with special needs are the highlights of October

At the beginning of October, the Happy Child employees attended the round table conference held by the Red Cross. One of the main topics of our discussion was creating the child’s hospice for seriously and terminally ill children in our region. As a result of the absence of such a hospice institution, the Solnishko Baby’s Home has to take its severely sick orphans to the remote village of Kalinovka regardless of the fact that local healthcare leaves much to be desired. The Chernigov’s Child’s Home in Kalinovka is currently looking for a good doctor.

Last week our charity foundation sent out an official letter to the Region’s Health Care with our suggestion of a place where the potential children’s hospice could be founded. We look forward to more efficient and thorough feedback compared to that which we recently received from the local authorities.

Our October Volunteer Community Day in the garden of the Chernigov’s Child’s Home was cancelled as a result of an insufficient number of volunteers. However, apple trees were purchased and planted by the Child’s Home stuff. Many thanks for your support!

Last month children in Kalinovka enjoyed the visit of a volunteer-musician Alina who, together with Albert Pavlov, regularly visits children and grownups in psychoneurological institutions in the Zaporizhzhia region. In addition, little orphans in Kalinovka were visited by the “Angels” volunteer group. Big and little dwellers of Kalinovka were thrilled to see dances demonstrated by volunteers-angels. One of the spectators, Ruslan, came over to me after the dance show and asked where he could learn to dance like that.

Photo of the “Angels” volunteer group

The young spectators also enjoyed a wonderful performance of a singer named Vita. Orphans in Kalinovka rarely enjoy concerts, so they can’t wait to see “Angels” again and again soon. Although the balloon figures failed to impress the bed-ridden children, the volunteers are surely inspired by these severely disabled kids and hold them in their hearts forever. This confirms the sadly known fact that few people know about these special children who really need our help.

On October 12th the representatives of the Association of Psychiatrists in Ukraine held training for the Kalinovka educators’ staff, with the main agenda being how to deal with aggressive behavior of grown-up orphans with mental disabilities. This issue is very topical taking into account the fact that little orphans in Kalinovka are growing up.

The masseur in Kalinovka keeps up with rehabilitation courses for Kalinovka bed-ridden children who need a 24-hour assistance. This also means we still need your kind support in raising money for masseur’s salary.

The reconstruction of the Happy Home-2 is actively proceeding what resulted in new windows and doors as well as insulated front part of the building which is now being painted. The sewage system is to be done this month. The complete phase of the reconstruction of the future sweet home for little orphans will cost us approximately 10,000 US dollars. We hope to raise this with your kind support!

It is getting colder day by day what means children in Kalinovka will spend grey autumn evenings making handicrafts at home. Many little orphans in Kalinovka are known by their amazing beads handicrafts. You’re welcome to buy pieces of art made by special children on this website.

The achievements of educators:

Anzhela G. from Olga’s M. group is learning to walk and can already stand with the assistance of her educator. Raisa G. teaches Olga P to stand and walk.

Vlada Ch. is slowly starting to move around in her baby walker. Snezhana Zhzh. from the same group is beginning to pronounce her first words.

Educator Sophia Sh. dictates figures to children from the Happy Home. Maxim B. from the Happy Home has learnt to draw circles and repeat words. Together with educator Valentina K. children made autumn leaves applications.

The Current Needs of Kalinovka (14.11.2013):

1. Building materials for the second “Happy Home”

2. Shapes for plaster modeling

3. CDs with nature sounds and children’s music

4. Acrylic paints

5. Puzzles of large and medium sizes

6. Musical toys

7. PVA adhesive

8. Toy construction sets

9. Toy construction blocks

10. Pyramids

11. Threads for knitting

12. A dryer for clothes

13. Alma-set

14. Masks

15. Sport rags

16. Plasticine

17. Developmental toys

18. Batteries

19. Wool socks

20. Clothespins

21. Musical instruments

22. Rattles

We are grateful to you for your kind support. Only together can we help these children and grown-ups! Each dollar and each minute of your attention for children and grown-ups with special needs are priceless! Let’s share our kindness with those who need it so much!

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