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A Cozy Sweet Home and a Lot of Kids in it - is it a Dream or Reality?

October 25, 2013, 13:30 2385 Author: Yana Samura, Yulia Feshchenko, translated by Oxana Burns www.deti.zp.ua Oksana and her children are desperately in need of funds for the restoration of their house after a fire. Without suitable housing, Oksana will not be able to give orphans warmth of a family home! Let's help fulfill her dearest dream of a warm house

"God helps using the hands of people ... or how the real help leads to real results" - these words started the previous article requesting for help for the family of Oksana Duryagina who takes care of two wonderful sisters from the "Sun" children's home. Soon the newly formed family faced a real trouble - fire destroyed most of the house they lived in.

It happened at the beginning of 2012. The woman realized that she couldn't manage to restore the house by herself both financially and physically, especially now when she had to take care of very young children and therefore she asked for help from specialists of the city center of social services for family, children and youth. Since then Oksana’s family was helped by everyone who couldn't stand aside from her problems and rueful feelings.

Within more than a year thanks to warm-hearted people of our city, sponsors, as well as cooperation with specialists of the center of social services, "Happy Child" charity foundation and other charitable organizations Oksana Duryagina’s family received such aid as clothing, food, stationery, household goods, Christmas gifts, items of furniture. Besides this, an electric oven, a heater, and a small television were donated. About 2,500 UAH (312 US dollars) was transferred to the account of this family within six months; one of local churches donated 4,000 UAH (500 US dollars). Some cement for the construction work was delivered to the family.

Without all these necessary items Oksana and her children would have had a real hard time! As mentioned in the beginning, the real help has brought real results! Within this period of time the roof of the house was completely restored (it was covered with metal tiles) and from now on snow will not melt in the room! Also as of now, the external walls of the house were covered with brick, and the floor was filled with cement. Look at the pictures. We are really grateful to all people who have helped!

Unfortunately, the family still has a lot of needs. It is extremely cold in the house (one heater cannot heat a large room), so Oksana is planning to provide the walls and the floor with heat insulation. When the specialists of social services center came to visit, Oksana was wearing a few warm sweaters and socks. Now the house construction is suspended due to lack of material resources (construction materials and builders' work are very expensive), and the family is afraid that they will have to live through a cold winter again. In a word, the house looks very solid, thorough, and beautiful on the outside, but inside there is absolutely no repairs done.

While working in a children's home Oksana is getting used to seeing kids who are deprived of parental warmth, tenderness, and care. Her dream is to complete the house repair and place the children she is going to take from the "Sun" orphanage, she wants to give them all motherly love and family comfort. And in order to accomplish this she has to get the house repaired and cozy children's rooms fully equipped. Oksana Duryagina hopes for having a big family with a lot of happy children. One can only envy this woman’s enthusiasm and positive attitude. But for the time being these are only plans, the main point now is to complete the construction of the house, and there is a lot of work to be done... Oksana cannot cope with the restoration of the house for their children by herself.

To restore the house the listed below building materials are needed:

- mineral /silicate cotton for insulation, nails (70 to 150 mm);

- Plastering, cables, cement;

- Roofing material (ruberoid), crack filler ("Primer", "Finish");

- Tiles, plastic pipes for heating, sand;

- Laminate flooring, parquet, foam plastic, wallpaper;

- Floor tiles, doors (6 pcs.), windows (8 pcs.) and others.

Also they need such household appliances as a washing machine, a fireplace, heaters. As for the furniture, the family needs a wardrobe, a desk, a kitchen table, sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, armchairs. The family will be also grateful for the stationery for children, toys, educational games, food, and utensils.

Let's help this without exaggeration courageous woman implement her cherished dream by our joint effort! And also this is a dream of a few kids to have a family and mom! After all, without a decent suitable housing Oksana will not be able to take these kids from the orphanage.

It is possible to contact Oksana Duryagina via phone +380 61 95 85-96, +38 098 663 85 76.

The funds can be transferred to the account of the Foundation.

For more information, please call +380 61 769 81 86, +38 066 883 08 59 (Yulia Aleksandrovna).

We’d like to thank all those who will respond and share this message with their friends! Oksana and her children will appreciate any feasible help!

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