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The September Report of the Work Done in the Chernigov Children’s Home in Kalinovka in 2013

October 7, 2013, 20:30 3626 Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua Last month little and big orphans from Kalinovka enjoyed a day-trip to the seaside town of Berdyansk and had lots of fun at the musical workshop held by volunteers from Zaporizhzhia

Some musician-volunteers managed to visit children in Kalinovka twice last month. Their guitar, keyboard and recorder workshop turned into a real disco party for little residents of the Child’s Home! We’re grateful to Alina and Oleg and already looking forward to their next visit!

The reconstruction works on the “Happy Home-2” have been actively in process: we have completed the apertures and signed the window and front door agreement. As soon as the windows and the doors are installed, the works on the facade and sewage system will start. According to the preliminary calculation this final part of the reconstruction will cost 342,000 hryvnyas (approximately 42, 787 US dollars). We still need your kind financial support!

Thanks to the Happy Child Charity Foundation little orphans in Kalinovka now have a masseur. The teachers noticed that massages have definitely had some positive influence on the children’s health – now they are more active and have a better appetite! For example, thanks to the massage course, Igor Z., eats better and does not choke so much anymore. Massages also help children to sleep better. We sincerely hope for your further support in improving the children’s health. A month's course of massage costs us 4,000 hryvnyas (500 US dollars).

In September, as usual, the children enjoyed their bead handicrafts lessons. One of the Kalinovka orphans Sergey P., can now make bead embroideries and the Happy Home will soon be decorated by a little embroidered picture of a dolphin. You can see and buy some other children’s handicrafts works at this website. Thank you very much for supporting children’s art!

Last month we published the last nine profiles of little orphans from Kalinovka. We hope and believe that some of them will find their loving mom and dad by the end of this year. We hope that some Ukrainian families also will find the strength to become parents of orphans with special needs. Such special children have some special energy too which helps us to stay caring humans no matter what. An amazing story of a former orphan from Kalinovka – Alyosha (Logan) who’s now living in the USA, is a real inspiration for future foster families.

We try to brighten up the life of Kalinovka orphans as much as we can. One of such happy moments was our September trip to the sea town of Berdyansk where 13 children and six grown up orphans visited the zoo. Our little and big tourists had a walk along the quay where they could ride ponies and watch ships.

The future accomplishments of the educators in Kalinovka will be hopefully achieved thanks to the newly received manuals from the National Assembly of People with Disabilities in Ukraine they attended last August.

The highlight of September (both for us and the Child’s Home) is the admission to the hospital of Artem N. from Kalinovka who two years ago was recommended to have some Achilles tendon plastic surgery. The boy is currently at the hospital but the surgery is cancelled. He is regularly given some Botox shots which are considered to be a good alternative to the surgery. Artem is likely to walk on his own one day! Many thanks to everyone of you who always supports us!

The achievements of educators:

Educator Raisa G,. taught Egor G., to express his wishes with such phrases as “I want”, “give me”. Vlada Ch., tries to move in walkers. Sasha V., also tries to walk on his toes with the help of his educator. Children from this group love having a ride on fitballs.

In the group of Sophia Sh., children learnt how to count to 10. In the group of Natalia P., children Zhenya K., and Larisa K., were making colourful paper applications.

The Current Needs of Kalinovka (3.10.2013)

1. Building materials for the second “Happy Home”

2. Shapes for plaster modeling

3. CDs with nature sounds and children’s music

4. CDs with music therapy

5. Acrylic paints

6. Picture manipulative material

7. Double-sided sticky tape

8. Puzzles of large and medium sizes

9. Musical toys

10. PVA adhesive

11. Toy construction sets

12. Toy construction blocks

13. Pyramids

14. Sample copybooks for handwriting

15. “Origami” book by Ritsun

16. “Applications with small children” book by Yanusko

17. “Pre-school children at a walk” book by Sukhar

18. Threads for knitting

19. A dryer for clothes

20. Alma-set

21. Cardboard masks

22. Deodorants

23. Sport rags

24. Coloured paper

24. Moist tissue paper

25. Baby powder

We are grateful to you for your kind support. Only together we can help these children and grown-ups! Each dollar and each minute of your attention for children and grown-ups with special needs are priceless!

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