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The Report on the Works Done in Chernigov’s Child’s Home in May 2013

June 14, 2013, 0:30 4596 Author: Mariya Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua Making bead works and going to the pond are the main activities of the Kalinovka children in May

In May a website offering handcrafted items made with the hands of children from Kalinovka Children’s Home started its active work. A bead cherry tree has already been sold and an order has been placed for field bindweed. If you would like to make your apartment look pretty with a masterpiece children make with their hands, don't miss your chance and visit the website!

Thanks to the help of a local volunteer, in May children made two trips to the pond (they keep saying it’s a sea). Actually, many of them went or will go to the seaside in June. But to make them happy, a pond is enough as it is a rare opportunity to get outside at least for a couple of hours. When going to the pond, children often ask if there are any wolves in the neighborhood and if they can touch the cows eating their grass nearby, though they are afraid of them. But they are very curious as well as all any other children.





Last month, 5 profiles of Kalinovka children were placed at the website of the Foundation. Besides, 16 profiles have been placed on one of international adoption websites. We hope with all our hearts that some of them will at last find their families this year!

Instructors’ activities:

Valentina K. initiated additional classes with Dima S. from her group. Another instructor Sophia Sh. did mathematical exercises and logic problems with children from the same group. Besides, children from Sophia’s group read short stories with the instructor and then retell them.

Starting from May, Raisa G. started working with bedridden children. In this group, Raisa with Vlad O. and Tanya K. study things through the sense of touch as both the boy and the girl are not able to see since their birth.

Natasha P. also works with blind Ruslan V. from her group who learns items by touching them and repeats their names after the instructor. Besides, Larisa K., Katya V. and Vladik K. from Natasha's group help laying the table and place all the dishes on their own.

Kalinovka Needs as of 8 June 2013:

1. Construction materials for the second house

2. CD’s with the sounds of nature and with music for children

3. Acrylic paints

4. DVD discs with cartoons and fairy tales

5. Handouts – pictures

6. Large or middle-sized puzzles

7. Music toys, educational toys

8. Rubber and plastic toys

9. DVD player

10. Water filters

11. Embroidery kits (color threads, canvas or canvas with pictures)

12. Construction kits

13. blocks

14. Pyramids

15. File folders

16. Handwriting worksheets

17. Book “Origami” by Ritsun

18. Book “Applied Ornaments with Smaller Children” by Yanushko

19. Book “Preschoolers on a Walk” by Sukhar

20. Toy cars

21. Color chalks

22. Crochet threads

23. Shorts size 50

24. Deodorants

25. Soccer balls

26. Pens

Thank you for the contributions you have already made and also for your moral support. Remember that only we can help those kids! Every dollar and every minute of your attention to those special children are precious. Do good!

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