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Holidays and Everyday Life of the Polonnikov Family

April 23, 2013, 18:40 3384 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Anya Gvozdyeva www.deti.zp.ua A family of five children, one of whom has beaten leukaemia, is thankful for everyone’s support but they still need help

Ruslan Polonnikov from Berdyansk who has beaten leukaemia in 2006-07 with our support. He has two sisters, Margarita and Liza, and also two brothers, Vitya and Kirill. He is the eldest of the siblings and his mum and dad rely on him a lot.

As it happens, the family finances are in a dire state. The Polonnokov family are struggling to get by, here’s an extract from Yulia’s recent letter to us:

“Hello Albert! Thanks for your support and understanding, and also for the parcel from Yulia from the USA! The kids are growing up and are already making us proud. There’s never a dull moment with them!!!

First thing we have to ask you is to support Ruslan. In April we have a regular check-up with a doctor regarding his disability, we need around 300-400 hryvnyas (approximately 40-50 US dollars) for the ultrasounds of kidneys, liver, Doppler test and several hormonal blood tests.

In summer we must attend the health check in Zaporozhye, so we shall require some funds to cover the transport costs.

We are in an urgent need of spring and summer clothing and especially footwear for the boys. At the moment we cannot even afford used clothes from the second-hand shop. Our family income is under 4,000 hryvnyas (490 US dollars) a month: 1,230 hryvnyas (150 US dollars) disability benefit for Ruslan, 1,270+130 hryvnyas (155+15 US dollars) of Liza’s benefit and my husband’s monthly salary is around 800-1,000 hryvnyas (100-122 US dollars).

Children’s sizes: Ruslan – height 155cm (5’1’’) shoe size 39-40; Vitya – height 145cm (4’9’’) shoe size 36-37, Kirill – height 125cm (4’1’’) shoe size 32-33!

The boys are constantly reminiscing about their trip to Crimea with great excitement and also the holiday camp we visited last year!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!”

On behalf of the Fund’s employees we would like to thank Yulia from New York for a parcel full of wonderful presents for large families, and also everyone who is donating toys, clothing and other items.

We hope you would like to make friends with this family and help them overcome life’s challenges.

Yulia Polonnikova tel.: +38 095 742 60 06, vip.polonikova@mail.ru

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