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The Report on the Work Done for the Chernigov Child's Home in August-September, 2012

October 31, 2012, 10:30 5966 Author: Mariya Semashkina, translated by Victoria Chernova www.deti.zp.ua The choice of a contractor for the reconstruction of the Happy Home-2 and the power audit are the main achievements of the period under review


August, 2012 was marked by the communication with potential contractors of the reconstruction of the Happy Home-2 in Kalinovka. LLC “Tavrichesky proizvodstvenny kombinat” from Tokmak was chosen as the contractor for the first stages of the reconstruction.

A parcel with stationeries was received from the Strelzhchik family from Switzerland.

Constant correspondence with sponsors was carried out, including the correspondence with Maya Rowencak from the USA who helps to buy albuminous food and pays a salary for two supplementary educators.

1300 hryvnias (158 US dollars) were spent on the purchase of 13 bottles of “Peptamen”.

500 euros were spent on the energy audit of the Child’s Home.

The air-conditioner received from F.Yu.Saplashenko from Kiev in June was installed in August.

The arrival of 15 English volunteers for a period of a week was organized.

Donors from Ukraine contributed 6500 hryvnias (793 US dollars) to the educators’ salaries. We express gratitude to LLC Business-Farmatsiya and LLC Bayadera-Logistik.

Natalia P., an educator, fixed the knowledge of subjects’ colours and sizes with Larissa K.

The children from the group of Raisa G., an educator, were learning Ukrainian fairy tales and songs. Eugene B., Ilya S. and Vanya P. were very good at singing.

18-year-old Tanya K., whose weight was 15kg at the beginning of August, put on 2 kg due to additional albuminous food in the group of Olga M., an educator.

Valentina K., an educator, gave a test on letters and found out that children had forgotten some letters again. She managed to brush up their knowledge of letters by means of musical toy alphabets. Valentina K. organized a community work day together with the children. Serezha P. was especially diligent, though he uses a wheelchair. It was boring for Serezha P. to play with other children and he wanted to do some adult work.


16 bottles of “Peptamen” were purchased for the money received from Maiya Rowencak and Joseph Schroder from the USA.

7000 hryvnias (85 US dollars) were donated by “Radomyshl” and 600 dollars were donated by Maya Rowencak. This money was spent on the educators’ salaries. 192,51 dollars were received from Maya Rowencak for the purchase of the supplementary albuminous food.

A meeting with a head of the Children's City Dentist Clinic was organized. An invitation of a dentist to the Child’s Home for primary dental examination of the children was the main aim of the meeting.

150 dollars were received from Jane George for the reconstruction of the Happy Home-2 in Kalinovka. Jane extends information about Bogdan from Kalinovka on the American website about children with special needs. I have visited Bogdan in the hematology department where he is being treated for anaemia and made some photos for the sponsor. Jane uses the photos in the Internet attempting to search for potential parents for the boy.

The chain of the Eve supermarkets presented children from Kalinovka an artificial Christmas tree and 3 figures of Santa Clauses.

Some parcels with clothes were received from Maya Rowencak.

The results of energy audit made it possible to conduct a presentation that led to a decision to proceed further cooperation to introduce energy saving technologies into other psycho-neurological orphanages of the area and modernize the systems of heat supply and power service of the Chernigov Child's Home.

Natalia P., an educator, taught Dima N. to perform the requests ‘to give’ and ‘to take’. Miroslava P. learned to walk independently with the minimum support of the educator.

18-year-old Tanya K. (from the group of Olga M.) who used to weight only 15 kg in August, put on 5 kg.

A child from Valentina K. group was adopted by parents who live in the USA. Vladik K. took his place in the Child’s Home. Vladik's behavior in the group is still quite problematic for other children and for educators, but there are already some changes for the better in his behavior. Serezha P. and Alyosha R. started to read. Artem N. who had used only a wheelchair, started to walk using a walking frame.

The main task of the next month was defined for Sofia Sh., an educator. She will teach Serezha P., Lesha R. and Artem N. to type on the computer.

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