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Kiril Mirchenko: “Hoping to Break The Impasse”

September 5, 2012, 0:20 3105 Author: Iryna Gavrysheva, translated by Daria Sukach deti.zp.ua Kiril’s lymphoma treatment has been currently stopped due to some neurologic problems. The only possible solution to this tough situation is dolphin therapy which is very costly. Kiril’s parents look forward to your kind support!

Health reference

Treatment of cancer is usually a very long, exhausting and unpredictable process. Some patients undergo chemotherapies quite easily with some minor complications and scheduled surgeries etc. Some patients, however, experience a real “horror movie” with monsters attacking from every corner. It takes much effort and patience to get out of the so-called “horror” movie called cancer…

Kiril Mirchenko’s treatment has been challenging from the very beginning. The hard round of the chemotherapy and a complicated surgical procedure of tumor removal in the abdominal cavity. And then…a cardiac arrest…The doctors did everything possible to bring the boy back to life. Thanks to God they managed to “start” Kiril’s heart. This temporary cardiac arrest had a very serious effect on Kiril’s brain, so now he cannot even move.

“Doctors say that they cannot go on with the lymphoma treatment under such health conditions”, - Kiril’s father tells us. “Kiril’s neurological functions as well as his weight will need to be regained first. With Kiril’s critical health condition the chemotherapy will certainly kill our son”.

Kiril has been currently at home since his treatment has been temporarily discontinued. The doctors recommend that Kiril’s parents take ten sessions of dolphin therapy, The problem is that one session of such a therapy costs 800 hryvnyas (around 100 US dollars). Besides, Kiril needs constant care, diapers, special food, ointments etc. Although Kiril’s family can hardly make ends meet they must find 8,000 hryvnyas (around 980 US dollars) to grab this last chance of life for their beloved son.

Kiril’s parents and ourselves, the employees of the Happy Child Charity Foundation are appealing to you to support Kiril. The situation is extremely difficult and sometimes it seems like it’s a real impasse but there is always a way out and a chance for a miracle. The dolphin therapy can really turn out to be this chance for life! Let’s hope the dolphin therapy will cure Kiril’s brain functions and he will be able to continue his fight with cancer. We look forward to your kind support in raising 980 US dollars for Kiril’s dolphin therapy.

The mobile number of Kiril’s father Ruslan - +380506196070

You can find the bank transferring details at the “help appeal page” of Kirill.

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