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Kiril Mirchenko: I just turned 14 years old and I really want to celebrate more birthdays…

July 18, 2012, 15:20 3401 Author: Alina Senyuk, translated by Daria Sukach deti.zp.ua Kiril got bedsores and got extremely skinny. He has no real strength but there is still hope left. Let’s make this miracle together and help Kiril overcome his illness! The treatment currently requires $ 500

“Kiril has been transferred to a casual ward. His condition has been currently stabilized and the test results are normal. The next chemotherapy round should be postponed so far, though”, - Kiril’s doctor told the boy’s father Ruslan. During all the three months that Kiril spent in the intensive care unit, his mom and dad were not allowed to see him. One can only imagine how they longed to see their beloved freckled son. They had lots of questions and wishes on their minds – to hug their son, to tell him how much they love him and missed him all this time…

But when Ruslan finally saw Kiril after three months of separation he could not help breaking down. His wife rushed to her son with tears in her eyes. Kiril has got bedsores and dramatically lost weight. He has not been sleeping well lately. The specialized food, his father buys for the boy in Kiyv, fails to be digested. This young lad does not move nor speak. He’s extremely weak and one can see nothing in his eyes but fear, pain and sorrows that he wants to share with his family but cannot do it…

The doctors claim that despite Kiril’s complicated health conditions he is a strong boy and certainly can overcome everything. The most important is faith in his recovery and the money that “disappears” in a flash.

The current treatment requires 430-500 US dollars for purchasing medicine and specialized food (Fresubin and other various specialized children’s food). This sum of money should be enough to support Kiril and help him gain some weight so he could start his next chemo therapy.

Kiril’s family honestly hopes that Kiril will be able to get on his feet and overcome cancer and in the future will even help other severely ill children. Miracles happen if they are believed in! And the more we believe in miracles, the more often they happen…

The mobile number of Kiril’s father Ruslan - +380506196070

You can find the bank transferring details at the “help appeal page” of Kirill.

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